Tuesday, January 29, 2008

in the news

I'm so creative, I know. But, here are a few stories I've been watching.

-Ray Emery, late for practice...again. Apparently he has now been fined one day's work for missing practice. If you don't feel like reading the story, one day's work is more than FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. For that kind of money, I'd have no problem showing up on time (which according to the coach is actually an hour before practice begins...but again, ummm...for 2.75 million a year, that seems pretty reasonable). Seriously. I wish I made even close to $14 000 a day.

-Pathologist discredited. This pathologist was self taught in paediatrics. His testimony sent people to jail for killing kids...who died naturally. I could not imagine being sent to jail for something I know I didn't do...and for killing a child. I know that all lives are equal, but people look at child killers in a different way. They are seen as "especially heinous". I'm just in awe that this guy would be so irresponsible.


Anonymous said...

I really need too look into the requirements for becoming a pathologist before I judge too much....but self taught?? Seriously, not only is he irresponsible but so is our system if he was seen as credible source.


Evey said...

Emery really isn't the smartest guy on the block is he? He is just being a baby cause he isn't the starter anymore.