Tuesday, December 04, 2007

i hate to be lame and talk about the weather

But we have had a LOT of snow in the last few days. 40cm I think. Some of the snow banks and drifts are about waist height and as a pedestrian and bus passenger...it makes for some interesting walking and some almost dangerous bus embarking/disembarking.

In other news, I swear there is a homeless guy doing laundry in our laundry room. It is a guy I've never seen before and he was using garbage bags for his clothes. Whilst it would be nice to think that someone is helping out a person in need, our building has ONE washer and ONE dryer and I pay a monthly fee for their use.


lu said...

that is kinda funny about the laundry.

not funny about the cold weather though - ewwwww.

--Nathan-- said...

all that snow is going to make for some mighty big "soakers" in the spring

kristen said...

i take back everything about the quasi homeless man doing his laundry. he had better (by far!)laundry etiquette than anyone else in the building.

as for the soakers...they'll be here before spring i think. there is so much salt used here that all you need is near zero temperatures and the whole city turns to slush.

Heather said...

I bet that homeless man probably was very happy about the laundry... Imagine cold and wet DIRTY clothes that you had to snuggle up in because you were so cold? I hope he has more than one pair of socks!! Poor guy. Maybe put your clothes through and extra rinse cycle... Not to be rude, but maybe a good precaution. Nice one on the soakers. I was going to reference them as well.