Thursday, December 13, 2007

good times

Even though we are still in Ottawa, it really feels like Christmas. On the way to work this morning (via the lab to get some blood taken...ouch), I took a different bus and thus ended up going through a more residential area. I got to see Christmas lights, decorated lawns...there were icicles on lots of the all seemed so festive with the sun starting to rise and shine on the ice and snow.
My department's Christmas party was this afternoon, the full staff Christmas party is tomorrow night...and Kris and Lynn are coming up for the weekend.
Fun times.
Ahh the "holiday season". Good times.


liz said...

City sidewalk, busy sidewalks
dressed in holiday style.
In the air there's
a feeling of Christmas.

Heather said...

I like residential christmas too. Except this one house on 33rd ave.. Man o man it has the cheapest grossest decorations. A snow globe type thing... Gross. But still full of holiday cheer, so even if it's Philthy McNasty, at least there is cheer involved.

--Nathan-- said...

you know what says christmas... 25 degree weather sitting by the hotel pool... ugh, seriously i know you'll make fun of me for it but i cant wait to see snow, havent seen any this year except for in the mountains.

Devo said...

Yah Nathan, I too hate nice weather by the pool.

--Nathan-- said...

dont get me wrong i dont mind the lazing by the pool, but it just doesnt say "Christmas Time"

i am so not in the christmas spirit and probably wont be until i land in calgary.