Thursday, November 22, 2007

i've become my mother

I guess it was bound to happen eventually...but I think that as of today, I am officially my mother.

It started with random comments about how people should be wearing their helmets whilst riding their bikes and continued with things like wanting to make my bed in the morning and eating strangely small portions of ice cream.

But today, Jordan brought home some PC Double Chocolate Crunch Cereal and the first thing I thought was "What is the world coming too? Double chocolate cereal?" So something my mother would think. (and those of you who know my mother can hear that intonation in the cereal can't you???) Instead of saying what I was thinking I simply said "You'll just be eating that for dessert right?"

Good thing I like my mother or I might have to start working really hard to reverse the turning into her. (though I'm not my mum completely- I'm actually very curious to try this cereal...I'll have to have some for dessert tonight)


--Nathan-- said...

i think that cereal needs chocolate milk to be used on it to make it triple chocolate.

of the weird things i've noticed in the states this has to be high on the list. In Colorado (it may be like this in other states but i dont know for sure) it is MANDATORY to wear a helmet while on a pedal bike but OPTIONAL to wear a helmet on a motorcycle.

Kirst said...

Chocolate cereal sounds gross i can't imagine what double chocolate would be like. how did it taste? Oh and is Jordan going to eat that for breakfast?

lu said...

i can so relate to becoming your mother!

like the time i wore yoga pants to the grocery store, then came home, put my apron on, left my runners on, and baked.

yikes. and we are only in our 20s!

but seriously, DOUBLE chocolate in the morning? that would hurt my teeth, i cannot even handle sweetened yogurt!

Lulu said...

When I was in France they had Chocolate Special K. Which, inmy mind, kind of defeats the purpose of eating Special K.... I think they might have it now in Canada... but it's still quite weird.

kris said...

mmmm Count Chocula - I love chocolate in the morning.

Heather said...

Last night I brought an apple crisp type thing to someone's house for dessert, but brought the apples in the dish, and the topping in a plastic bag so it wouldn't get soggy on the way. When I added the top to the apples and put the dessert in the oven, I put the plastic bag in my pocket. MY POCKET. To use for today's sandwich. Or something.

kristen said...

H-mo...I think that might be worse. Mum would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

I like your mom! I think that turning into her would be a positive thing for sure! Way to go on the plastic bag re-using Hez, I do it all the time...Jim makes fun of me.


Dr. Dan said...

You should be so lucky!

So another Miss Rumphias in the making? Do you like lupin? I suppose there is room for variety. But why break the mold when it all comes out so wonderfully?