Monday, November 19, 2007

in the news

A couple of stories caught my eye today:
Canadians to be paid for medals.
Other countries have been doing this for years but Canada hasn't really done it. My first reaction is that I don't like the idea. But on the other hand...most of the athletes aren't really well funded and in order to be a "winner", you don't have a lot of time to make much money. My only beef would be that I think this would mean that NHLers would get that extra cash for winning a medal. I would hope they'd donate it back to an organization that supports the elite athletes that really need it.

The other story that caught my eye was this one: NS bylaw will ban smoking in cars with kids.
It is about time- way to go Nova Scotia! Hopefully the rest of Canada will follow. It is unfair for ANYONE to be subjected to the confines of a car full of cigarette smoke. Kids can't even do anything about it. I hope no one complains about it because I think this is a wonderful way to protect kids.

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--Nathan-- said...

money for winning athletes is a great great thing... these are people that dedicate themselves to what they do, i've had a little glimpse into whats required to get to that level and a small reward is the least the country can do to show their appreciation. As for the NHLers if they played like they did last time we dont need to worry about it, plus 2010 may be the last time they are allowed to compete in the olympics if the NHLPA votes that way.