Wednesday, October 10, 2007

listed: the update edition

It has been awhile. Here is what has been going on (both in life and in my head):
  • It was a great trip...even though it was short. It was nice to meet our newest family member. I had forgotten how tiny they are. At this point, I can't even imagine having one, much less three...Kirsten and Chris, I hope you are sleeping and staying well.
  • Sunday was one of those absolutely perfect fall days. It had that smell...the sun, a breeze... My very favourite kind of day. (though it was really chilly in the morning. my fingers and ears were pretty darn cold when i went running around 8:30)
  • Although Calgary is what I know and is where family is, it is feeling less and less like "home". I love it there, but how homey does anywhere feel when it involves living out of a suitcase?
  • I got to vote today. I love voting. It makes me happy that for my entire life, I've lived in a place where as long as you are of age (and have ID?), you have the right to vote.
  • I got to see my sister a couple of times in the last week. What a nice change. I hadn't seen her since July.
  • The leaves are changing.
  • My landlord hasn't turned the heat on yet. My feet are freezing. The heat is supposed to be turned on on October 1st (at the latest). This is the third October in a row that that hasn't happened.
  • Wow, this is my third October in Ottawa.
  • It is amazing how certain sensations can completely transport you. As I was sitting at the airport on Tuesday, drinking my cinnamon dolce latte, suddenly it was February 2006. It felt really strange.
  • The second part of the latest Entourage season is finally on DVD. Hooray.
  • I think I'm getting a cold. I blame Jordan. He was sick last week.


Huda Hakawi said...

It was wonderful of you to make time for us on Sunday! I too love that kind of day.

I am getting so sick of living away from where I think I live, I can understand the "homey" stuff. Even though the Pigeon Hole has been home for me in the past, I want my home!

I am looking forward to seeing you again in December. We might have to go to Vermont in November - Grammy and Grampy are finally moving into assisted living. They want help. We thought of a weekend in Montreal afterwards. Maybe you're up to coming?

Huda Hakawi said...

Just another random thought...

Whilst living at the PH, we have brought the cows!

Kirst said...

Way to go Jordan getting Kristen sick. So far none of the lobbsters have caught it. It was really great to see you guys and we are already counting down the days till Christmas.

--Nathan-- said...

haha, the way i read kirst's comment was as if she was giving a high-five to jordan for his accomplishment of getting Kristen sick... it was an "oh..." moment once i figured it out.