Monday, September 24, 2007

shopping in canada is for suckers

With the dollar as it is and the ridiculous difference between the prices of goods in Canada and the US, shopping here is for suckers. If you are even remotely close to the border, get thee to the USA. It is well worth the tax you have to pay when you get back to Canada.

We took a whirlwind trip to Syracuse, NY on Saturday. It wasn't our idea, but we gladly tagged along and got a few great deals. It made me not want to shop in Canada until the pricing evens out.


liz said...

Everytime I am at a bookstore, I always want to try and pay the USD price with American money. I am not positive, but I have to think this is frowned upon, but seriously... the whole thing is especially painful when the two prices are side by side on the label.

And it's not that convienent living within sight of the US if you happen to also be living on an island... sigh.

Kirst said...

I would love to live closer and be able to go shopping. Can't wait to hear about your sweet deals. Less than 2 weeks, yeah. When exactly will you get here?

kristen said...

liz, i think that means you need a boat...then you can become a cross-border shopping pirate. you can fly some sort of shopping bag and crossbones flag and if you ever get caught you can just start yelling about books and prices and the horror of it all.

kirsten- hopefully i'll get to there an hour before jordan. the flight i'm hoping to get on leaves ottawa at 7:45am.

lu said...

so what did you buy?!

being paid in american dollars into a canadian bank account sucks.

--Nathan-- said...

have to say that being in the states kind of rocks right now. i've been shopping like a mad man. what makes it even better than just the good canadian dollar is when im houston things like sweaters are even cheaper than normal... just bought a cashmere sweater from banana republic for 35 bucks.