Sunday, September 02, 2007

overheard in ottawa

"there really is nothing sexier than an ingrown nipple hair"

ok, so by overheard in ottawa, i may mean that the thought ran through my head. but since my head is currently in ottawa, that statement isn't a complete falsehood.

now of course there is a story behind this. as i was struggling with a particularly stubborn eyebrow (which really, i shouldn't have been because i am no good at plucking my eyebrows and always seem to mess them up somehow...but this one was obviously out of place and needed to be dealt with) i was thinking back to when i didn't pay rent or taxes and thus could afford to get my legs waxed (oh the good old days). every so often, my esthetician had to bring out the tweezers and dig out an ingrown hair. then i thought of all the places that you could get an ingrown hair. clearly the nipple would be the sexiest.

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Evey said...

Clearly it would be the sexiest and it is a good thing you brought it to our attention.