Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I know this is going to make me sound like a wimp...but we went climbing on Monday (and it had been a long while since we climbed...) and my fingers, hands and forearms are still sore. Opening the door to my office building today was actually quite painful (though to be fair, it is a curiously heavy door). And yoga? Well, parts of it felt pretty good, but other parts were almost agony.

Kind of reminds you that even though you exercise, the stuff you do is very "activity-specific" and mixing it up a bit can really kick your butt.

I guess I need to mix it up a little more often...


Kirst said...

Here, here! Was Jordan sore too? Although he might not admit it. One month to go.

lu said...

rock climbing? i have never been but really want to one day. not a lot of rocks to climb here though.

i do love that sore feeling though. i did pilates last night and the motion of washing my hands hurts!