Thursday, August 02, 2007

too hot to blog

seriously...sitting in front of the computer feels like murder. no fan, no a/c...blogging actually makes me sweat.
the good news is, at least i can sleep. yeah for air conditioners.
(and before you albertans go all "i wish i had an air conditioner" on me, at least your overnight low is 13...ours is 23...which apparently feels more like 30...but yes, it has been hot for you too, i agree...and for longer too i think)
on the hot note, i think we all need to buy one of these: bedfan
(now put into google and see what thinks you might rather search)

i will try to remember this sweaty feeling in the middle of winter when i'm standing at the bus stop and my extremities are slowly freezing. actually, thinking of that feeling is helping me feel a little cooler right now...mmmm frostbite...windchill...blizzardy snow biting into my cheeks. apparently i would like to have fall all year...

riiight. i make no sense. it is the heat i tell you, the heat.

have a great friday.


Lori said...

Me too, can't wait for the snow.

And just so you don't think we are getting off lightly, we actually have been getting humidity here. Yes that's right. Humid in Alberta. Strange, I know.

kristen said...

that's what i hear. my dad says it has been reminiscent of his younger days in new england. craziness!

i'm just jealous of the overnight lows. it seems to actually cool down a bit more overnight there.
i bet if we lived in the suburbs it would cool down a few degrees more overnight, but we are downtown and all that concrete, asphalt and brick retain the heat like there is no tomorrow.

lu said...

as you are too hot to blog, i think i am too hmmmm.... content, bored, boring... to blog. but i am going back to kenya on the weekend so maybe something exciting will happen on the way. as long as it is not long hours in an airport.

--Nathan-- said...

see!! this is what i mean, winter is great, you can always add more clothing, turn up the heat, add a blanket in the winter to avoid the cold in the summer you can drop all the clothes you want and can still be super hot.