Thursday, August 16, 2007

happy birthday lil sis

You probably won't actually read this until later. Especially since I'm posting this pretty late in the day, but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I'm glad you are safe and I hope your trip gets better and better.

Speaking of my sister, I sent her a picture the other day in order to help cheer her up as she was stuck in Florida (though in all honesty, there are worse places to be stuck). My goal was to make her laugh and I succeeded for the following reasons...and I will quote:
"1. You are wearing a cowboy hat.
2. Said cowboy hat isn't white velvet and isn't part of a uniform.
3. It's a cowboy hat from LE CHATEAU.
4. You have a "heather" look on your face for the picture.
5. Deedee is holding a blow up doll.
6. The picture came through SO HUGE that it filled the entire screen and I
had to scroll horizontally to see all of it, so inevitably other people in
the hotel lobby saw it."
Please notice that the blow up doll didn't make an appearance until number 5. Clearly, I need to pose for photographs more in order to make people laugh. And, without futher ado, here is the picture in question.


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lu said...

i do a very similar face when taking photos, especially when i have a drink in my hand... (and if you were on facebook, you could see!)