Tuesday, August 28, 2007

to facebook or not to facebook

I was at a lovely wedding over the weekend and got to see many people that I hadn't seen in quite some time. It was brought to my attention several times (as it has been in the past by some other people) that if I was on facebook, I would know what was going on in their lives and wouldn't feel quite so removed.
So...if you are on facebook, what do you like about it? What don't you like? Can just anyone find you? What if you don't want someone to know where you are and what you are doing?

I'll let you know what I decide...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

love the middle seat

So I'm back in Calgary (again) for a few days to celebrate a special occasion. I feel like I've seen the inside of airports a lot this summer...

I left yesterday afternoon and as I was flying standby, had to be there 3 hours ahead of my flight. The last few times I've flown standby, I've been "cleared" for the flight when I've checked in and immediately been given a seat ("aisle if possible please"...I've learned the hard way that if you are travelling by yourself, it is no fun to have to wake two people up because you have to pee). This time, there were too many seats sold to clear me right away, and SOMEHOW, I wasn't the first, but the 5th person to check in (and I checked in 2 minutes after I was allowed to...I think the family of four that had been standing at the desk for 10 minutes cheated. you can't just stand there and chat with the agent for 10 minutes until the check in time comes.)

Anyway, the customer service person was fairly confident that it wouldn't be a problem getting on the flight, but of course there is always a chance. So of course, the three hours I had to wait felt longer than they had to. I even had a good book, but I was tired from not getting much sleep the night before (I was awake from about 2:30-4:30 and even got to hear our downstairs neighbour stumble in drunk and then puke...it was a nice treat) and thus had a hard time concentrating on the book.

Regardless, the 3 hours finally passed and I was given my seat assignment: 23B
Oh joy, the very back of the plane, middle seat. Love it.

As I like to wait until the line has thinned a little before I board the plane, I arrived at my seat and my row companions were already there. 23C got up, let me in and I took my place next to 23A. Unfortunately, 23A was spilling into my seat. Wide shoulders...and well...wide everything. I'm actually wondering how uncomfortable she must have been because it couldn't have felt great. 23C sat back down. Great, more wide shoulders (though not wide other parts)...and oh goodness gracious the smell. Oh the smell. It smelled like 23C hadn't showered in a week. I kept hoping that a flight attendant would notice the stench and the look on my face and see if there was another seat available. But, it didn't happen and I spent the entire time as the occupant of 23B and thus spent the 4 hour flight in relative discomfort (my back is still sore actually) trying my hardest not to let Stinky McSmellerson see the disgusted look on my face and trying to steal back at least a fraction of my armrest back (at least enough to change the channels).

When I got off the plane, I had to smell myself because I felt like the smell was crawling all over me.

So glad I did not pay full price for that seat.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

happy birthday lil sis

You probably won't actually read this until later. Especially since I'm posting this pretty late in the day, but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I'm glad you are safe and I hope your trip gets better and better.

Speaking of my sister, I sent her a picture the other day in order to help cheer her up as she was stuck in Florida (though in all honesty, there are worse places to be stuck). My goal was to make her laugh and I succeeded for the following reasons...and I will quote:
"1. You are wearing a cowboy hat.
2. Said cowboy hat isn't white velvet and isn't part of a uniform.
3. It's a cowboy hat from LE CHATEAU.
4. You have a "heather" look on your face for the picture.
5. Deedee is holding a blow up doll.
6. The picture came through SO HUGE that it filled the entire screen and I
had to scroll horizontally to see all of it, so inevitably other people in
the hotel lobby saw it."
Please notice that the blow up doll didn't make an appearance until number 5. Clearly, I need to pose for photographs more in order to make people laugh. And, without futher ado, here is the picture in question.

love it.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

too hot to blog

seriously...sitting in front of the computer feels like murder. no fan, no a/c...blogging actually makes me sweat.
the good news is, at least i can sleep. yeah for air conditioners.
(and before you albertans go all "i wish i had an air conditioner" on me, at least your overnight low is 13...ours is 23...which apparently feels more like 30...but yes, it has been hot for you too, i agree...and for longer too i think)
on the hot note, i think we all need to buy one of these: bedfan
(now put www.bedfan.com into google and see what thinks you might rather search)

i will try to remember this sweaty feeling in the middle of winter when i'm standing at the bus stop and my extremities are slowly freezing. actually, thinking of that feeling is helping me feel a little cooler right now...mmmm frostbite...windchill...blizzardy snow biting into my cheeks. ok...so apparently i would like to have fall all year...

riiight. i make no sense. it is the heat i tell you, the heat.

have a great friday.