Friday, May 18, 2007


-this week i saw a guy go "postal" on a newspaper dispenser. he threw it into the street...i wanted to say something about that being dangerous and that it could hurt someone, but i was a little to afraid that he'd then take it out on me.

-it bugs me when there are seats available on the bus, but people insist on standing in the makes it difficult for people to get off the bus. just sit down already.

-we've booked our accommodations in Paris. very exciting! i guess i'll be spending my birthday "en fran├žais". fun.

-i get annoyed by people who think that just because a certain way of doing things works really well for them, it is the right way for everyone. i hope i'm not one of those people. and if i am, i will strive not to be.

-i still haven't received my tax return. i originally got a letter asking me to send them proof that i had tuition credits transferred to me...i haven't heard anything since. hopefully i don't get audited, not because i'm worried about what they'd find, but rather because it would be a pain in the butt.

-my sister and her boyfriend will be here next weekend. HOORAY!

-if you saw the grey's anatomy season finale: how scary did christina look sans-eyebrows? (shudder) as if her forehead isn't big enough already. (strangely, i saw a lady with no eyebrows at the store today)

-that's all i've got for now. enjoy the long weekend!


Kirst said...

It was kind of a sad season finale for Grey's. I agree with the whole eyebrow thing. Not good.

Steve Jolliffe said...


--Nathan-- said...

i think you might be one of those people... sorry to break it to ya... i think we all are. maybe throwing newspaper dispensers into the street worked for that guy ;)

man the sens look good... i wonder how leaf fans will spin it. i read one comment from a guy saying the sens should send a fruit basket to the Islanders to thank them for beating the leafs out of the playoffs otherwise the sens would have lost for sure.

lu said...

paris!? how exciting!

i had totally forgotten that this was may long weekend. maybe that is why i am in a good mood. such a canadian institution.

Evey said...

I loved the Greys season finale an yes Cristina was frightening with no eyebrows.

Paris you say?