Wednesday, May 30, 2007

on my way home from work

-the "Sens Mile" was already busy. there were lineups to get into a couple of bars and people were in their jerseys, sens t-shirts and other sens paraphernalia. servers and restaurant and bar owners must be loving this

-i saw the governator's motorcade. i didn't see arnold himself, but there were quite a few people crowding in front of the hotel trying to catch a glimpse.

-there was a very creepy man pretending to hold a rather large gun and talking about how many people he would be killing if he had a real gun right then and there. i am used to running into all sorts of strange people on my way home, but this was creepy and a little disconcerting.

enjoy the game if you are watching it, fill me in on canada's next top model, and have a wonderful wednesday.


Kirst said...

Wish I could fill you in on Canada's next top model, but I totally missed it. Too busy playing outside and bathing kids. Hopefully today you don't meet that same crazy man with the fake gun.

fuzzy wuzzy said...

I wanted to congrat you on your 10K race. Way to go! I too am jealous of anyone who runs, as I can't due to back issues. I'd like to be able to walk 10k though. Continue to challenge yourself, you can do it!!