Thursday, May 03, 2007

i am the garlic king. i can do anything.

Since we moved to Ottawa, there has been a coffee shop across the street from where I catch the bus. The first one went out of business, then it sat empty for a few months until it re-emerged as another coffee shop. We have been wondering when it too would fold...but it seemed to miraculously stay in business. Not surprisingly, it is no longer.

When I caught the bus on Friday morning, it was the Jodalinda Cafe. When I caught the bus Tuesday morning, it was "Really Lebanese The Garlic King Shawarma".
If you have ever been in central Ottawa, you know that what the area needs is definitely another Shawarma place (I can think of 5 within 10 minutes of our apartment). But, here is where I think the Garlic King has the edge: cheesy marketing. In the windows sit larger than life sized posters of the Garlic King complete with crown and staff. The posters read "I am the Garlic King. I can do anything".

But wait, it gets better. As we were walking toward it last night, we heard this royal sounding music (if it wasn't the theme to Masterpiece Theater, it was something similar). Once we get closer, we realize that it is the Garlic King himself, in a van decorated with lights and flags, complete with a pope-mobile style bubble on top. He is in said bubble, making the van rock back and forth and waving to his garlicky kingdom.

I don't think it gets any better than that...


Kirst said...

Garlic yum, shawarma's yum. Are you going to try it? We had a really great time with you guys this past weekend.

thephoenixnyc said...

Long live the garlic king, the onion prince and the chive princess.