Tuesday, April 24, 2007

another missed opportunity

I'm starting to think that this Jack Layton thing isn't meant to be.

My company's annual symposium took place yesterday and today. We deal with health technology and one of the themes of this year's symposium was health policy.
Anyway...it was being held at a downtown hotel that apparently didn't have access to their air conditioning system over the weekend as well as yesterday. Unfortunately, it was unseasonably warm, thus the temperature in the meeting rooms was pretty much unbearable.
The reception was held on the 26th floor...which has a lovely view of the city due to its panoramic windows. Hmmm...hot sun, no air conditioning...not a good thing. The reception started around 5. By 5:45 I couldn't stand the heat anymore, had seen the posters and figured I was ok to leave.

Apparently I left half an hour too early.
Who showed up to hear what the evening's speaker had to say but Jack Layton.

So, it either isn't meant to be or this is just a frustrating lead up to a glorious event.


lu said...

oh, it's going to be a glorious event!

Evey said...

I like to think also that it will be a glorious event. We will wait in anticipation until then.

Anonymous said...

hope you guys had a great weekend! short but sweet I'm sure!