Monday, March 12, 2007

i've got nothin'

Seriously...I have nothing to say. I missed the Amazing Race last night and managed to avoid finding out who was eliminated before I could watch it tonight (thank goodness for OLN and their Monday night showing). I honestly figured that Romber was so darn lucky that it would be a non-elimination leg. I was a little surprised when Phil said they were eliminated from the race. Now what are the other teams going to do? They'll actually have to concentrate on racing instead of worrying about Rob and Amber. Hopefully Ozwald and Danny will continue their winning ways. It won't be the same if they leave.

Other than that...still running, loving my new computer (though still trying to learn all the ins and outs) and I really can't wait until the snow melts for good.


Steve Jolliffe said...

I too thought it would be a non-elimination leg.

Kirst said...

thanks for the card. It was nice to find it in the mail.