Monday, March 19, 2007

how am i?

To answer your question Jim (if that really is your name): Tired...that's how I am. I have no idea how I've ended up so exhausted. I didn't partake in too much Irish merriment, I painted the town neither red nor green...But somehow, all day today and yesterday, I've just been dragging. 'Tis true that I haven't have the best of sleeps for the last few nights, but man...too tired. (as you may be able to tell from my crappy writing).
But, at least I had a good time whilst my sister was here. Maybe she passed her tiredness onto me.

Speaking of my sister, this story made me think of her. If it isn't confidential information, I'd be curious as to how a certain popular Canadian airline would have handled a situation such as that. Also, I hope it never happens on a flight I'm on and I hope it never happens on one of her flights.

Speaking of things in the news...seriously Elizabeth May? Why oh why would you run against Peter MacKay? First off, running against an incumbent is a tough job. Now add in the fact that he is a cabinet minister, and that his family has history and deep roots in the area and it just doesn't make sense. Peter MacKay might even convince me to vote for him if I lived in his riding...he just has this boyish charm about him.
I get that you don't want an easy ride, but you're running for the Green will ALWAYS be an uphill battle. You should just find the riding most likely to elect you, offer to drive each resident (in your hybrid car or your bike or something like that) to the polling station and somehow get your butt into a seat in the house of commons. Hand out recycled pencils or even pot at the door if you have to. Just find a way to win. The fact that you are running where you're running actually makes me wonder if you don't really want it.

Oh and Flames? Please start winning some games. I'd really like to be able to enjoy some playoff hockey.

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lu said...

that actually happened to a friend of mine but i am pretty sure they just covered the guy with a blanket. maybe the flight was full?! i cannot recall which airline it was though. i hope your sister never has to deal with that either, yikes.