Thursday, March 08, 2007


Until I read this story, I hadn't really thought a lot about counterfeit goods. I knew that it meant that Yves St. Laurent wouldn't get his $1000 for the bag you bought, but I hadn't really thought about the human impact.

Sure, I am one of those people who actually buys my music when I download*, but I've kind of figured that I had no problem with "knock-offs". Now I will be thinking twice about all of that. Not only could it have been made in an unsafe workplace, but it could be toxic.

*Kris, I'll have you know that I struggled with the number agreement in that statement. Is it "I am one of those people who actually buys their music when they download" or is it the way I've written it, or is it something else? I just don't know....Now you've got me questioning everything.


lu said...

i am living in counterfit movie heaven but i think my main concern is the working conditions of factory workers who are producing the knock offs, because if it is all under the table then who is regulating it?

but on the other hand, those who are most concerned about this are the ones who stand to loose the most - the ones who are producing the originals. and i am afraid i don't have as much sympathy for the multinationals, rightly or wrongly.

i am just not sure where i stand on this issue but i do like watching the pirated dvds.

those are my 2 cents. or more like 4.

lu said...

counterfit + e = counterfeit

kris said...

This summer I'm really going to have to read through Lynn's 'Grammar for Dummies'. I'm not sure how much I should trust those "Dummy" books though b/c I know the 'Aquariums for Dummies', which my father bought for me, wasn't all that accurate.

Anyway, my gut tells me that "my music when I download" refers to the original "I" not the "those people" and therefore is correct.

kris said...

As for counterfeit goods, I never though about the organized crime link or the deplorable working conditions. I definitely wouldn't want to support anything that funds their business.

lu said...

funnily enough, i saw a real louis handbag on sale at a used clothes market this weekend for the equivalent of $10 and thought of you. if i didn't think they were so tacky i might have just purchased it. apparently, the real stuff sometimes ends up on the black market too.

thephoenixnyc said...

I have seen it forsthand in China. The knockoff factories operate on the fringes of society and it is where most abuses happen.

Legit factories in China are amons the safest and best in the world.