Sunday, February 04, 2007

winterlude: a celebration of cold. or: the things i do for my mother

This is the first weekend of Winterlude here in Ottawa. Apparently, it is "North America's greatest winter celebration". So in other words, it is a celebration of cold. Seriously is cold outside. Why on earth do you want to go outside and have a party celebrating the aforementioned cold? Due to the unseasonably warm December, people here were genuinely worried that their precious Winterlude wouldn't happen. They were scared they would lose all sorts of tourist dollars and that -gasp- Winnipeg would lay claim to the world's longest outdoor skating rink.

I'm sorry, but as I was walking along Wellington (the parliament building is on that street) yesterday afternoon, wind blowing and chilling me, all I could think of was that if your idea of a great vacation is Ottawa in the middle of aren't the sharpest knife in the block. Come in May; it is much more enjoyable then.

Anyway, all of this complaining about winter brings me to what we actually did yesterday afternoon: skated on the Rideau Canal. Everyone had skates but me, so as I stood in the rental line realizing that I was going to pay $15 to skate, I was having second thoughts. I even said "if I'm not through the line when you guys are ready, I can always walk while you skate". At that point, Jordan pulled out the line...oh yes, the line... that meant there was no way I wasn't skating: "your mother would be so disappointed if you didn't skate". So, I waited and I skated.
I even have photographic proof:

putting the skates on

haven't hit the ground yet

The ice is full of ruts and holes, I spent the entire time SURE that I was going down at any second and I was cold...but I did it (and it wasn't actually that bad). So my mother better be happy.


kris said...

"The ice is full of ruts and holes"

You should work for Ottawa's tourism board.
I was glad to see you uploaded some new pictures.
You look cold.

lu said...

you know what i noticed first in your photos? the sassy brown boots beside you in your skates!

i think i must be missing boot season. but most certainly not the cold.

kristen said...

those sassy brown boots are the ones i purchased with my first paycheque from good old family services in forest lawn...those were the days :)

Chrissy & Brian said...

Did you get a beaver tail? You can't skate on the canal without getting a beaver tail. (For you crazy Albertans that don't know what Beaver tails are, they are like Elephant ears).