Sunday, February 11, 2007

who likes their bedtimes early now?

I couldn't post this last week because it could have just been a fluke and I couldn't post this yesterday because, well, I can't make fun too much on his birthday. I can.
Guess who has been asleep on the couch before I have not one, but two Fridays in a row? Yeah, that's right...he who makes fun of my early bedtimes.
And what time are we talking for these Friday night snoozes? 8:30. (maybe even before)

Next thing you know, he'll be listening to his music quietly.


--Nathan-- said...

meh, on the couch is alright thats considered a nap... i take one everyday when i get home from work.

Kirst said...

I agree with Nathan. A nap on the couch is sometimes needed. Okay a couch nap is so awesome. I must have another one today.

liz said...

I think it depends on the context of the couch nap. If he is taking a couch nap at 8:30pm on a Friday, only to get up and go to the bar from 11pm - 3am then it is just a nap. But if he is taking a couch nap, only to get up, brush his teeth and go directly to bed, the "nap" excuse doesn't hold.