Monday, February 19, 2007


1- Not that I blogged a lot last week, but for the next two weeks I probably won't be blogging a lot. Jordan is writing his comprehensive exams so the computer and the office are his domain whilst he writes. Hopefully I'll be able to check in every so often.

2- Running is hard work. I can't say I'm loving it yet and it is still very hard...but I am enjoying that I feel like I'm improving my fitness level. That may be worth it. What is even more worth it? Extra cookies.

3- The Amazing Race All-Star edition looks like it should be a good one. I'm very happy to see Ozwald and Danny back, but I would have also loved to have seen Jon and Kris (cause they were just so darn nice), and Kelly and Jon (cause they were just so darn funny).

4- It is pretty darn weird to think that at this time last year, I was running around trying to get all of the last minute wedding preparations done.

5- Speaking of last year...I didn't notice it last year because I was in Alberta getting stuff done but this year I sure noticed the lack of Family Day holiday. I could have used a long weekend!

6- It seems to be warming up a bit. We may be out of the coldest part of the winter. Now if the snow would stop falling so that they could stop with all of the salt. The bottoms of my pants just can't take it anymore.

Have a wonderful week and think happy thoughts.


kris said...

I meant to say this earlier, running with a group is definitely a good source of motivation. Nothing like good old pride to keep your feet moving.

I went jogging on a weekly basis pretty consistently for a year or so and never learnt to like it. I just looked forward to Good Earth coffee once the 20min of torture was over.

lu said...

i tried to email you but my account was playing up.

thank you for the mini eggs!!! they arrived today and i have already eaten up half the bag (ok, i shared some of them).

if ever you move out of the mini egg distribution area, i promise to send you some so it can make your day like it has mine!

--Nathan-- said...

i wish Zach and Flo were on the allstar line up.. he was a pretty nice guy and she looked good .. yup thats all you can say about flo. Danny and Oswald are pretty funny i'll definitely be rooting for them.

Heather said...

I haven't looked yet... I'm going to look at the all start site after my nap. Do you know what's sad? My mini eggs are in the car.

Kirst said...

I too wish Zach and Flo were back. I forgot about it on Sunday but luckly I have a wonderful husband who taped it for me.

Dee said...

Sigh, my first try at setting the pvr for a series recording was a shows up when I look at the list of series recordings, but for some reason it didn't record Sunday's!

Evey said...

We watched Amazing Race on Sunday as well and I am looking forward to it. Not sure who I am rooting for yet, we will have to see.