Thursday, February 22, 2007

an open letter to smokers

Dear Smokers,
I'm sure that many of you are very nice people, but I just have to say it: you stink.
You smell bad. There is a stench that follows you everywhere you go. It lingers in the elevator when you get off. We can smell it on your clothes and on your if a cloud of smoke follows you and pollutes everything and everyone in your path.

And guess what? It is not only bothersome to others when you smoke in places with a no-smoking sign, but it is also illegal. As bitchy as it sounds, I don't care if you walk with a cane and have a hard time standing. DO NOT SMOKE in the bus shelter. Just don't do it. Go sit on the dirty, snow covered bench outside the shelter. There is a no-smoking sign in the shelter for a reason. Your habit is gross, smelly and regardless of whether or not you care if it is killing you, I care that it harms me.

Oh yeah...and when the bus comes and you drop your lit cigarette on the ground right in front of me? At least step on it (or even use your cane) to butt it out. The rest of us don't need to stand there wondering why it STILL smells even though you're gone, only to discover that you've left your carcinogenic death stick behind just so that we can get another taste.

Someone who cares about their health.

PS- You stink

PPS-You should quit...all of you. I know it is hard, but you should.


--Nathan-- said...

yeah i also dislike smokers... maybe even more than you *hard to believe but quite possibly true* i've told people flat out to get off the train platform while their smoking and thats not even a concealed glass box.

liz said...

The thing that most frustrates me is when someone who smells strongly of smoke sits down next to you on a crowded bus in winter. There is no escape!

lu said...

i think my least favourite memory of this is when i was a student and people would come in from outside after having their last cigarette before class. then sit next to you for the next hour, stinking up your space!

but on the other hand, having lived in europe and dated a few smokers there, i realise that telling people they should quit doesn't do much good since they already know that they should and no one wants to be nagged.

there is no arguing that it does stink!

kris said...

What bugs me are those smokers (could be a minority, but I sure see it a lot) who seem to think the world is their ashtray. They throw them out of their car windows, drop them anywhere - what are they thinking?

A few days ago here in Calgary >$200 000 worth of damage was done to a condo that caught fire b/c a smoker put out his/her butt in a flower pot that had peat in it. Flower pots are not ashtrays. I'll say it again - what are they thinking?

I know it's an addiction and many people probably want to quit, but at least have some decency while you're still smoking and use ashtrays. If there isn't one around just put it out and swallow it.

Kirst said...

Taylor has said in passing to a smoker that it is gross. I need her to be loud about it. I don't think smokers think about the people around them, only them and their smoking. It's so disgusting.

Chrissy & Brian said...

Amen Sista!
What drives me crazy is when they smoke right infront of the door to a building. I think the law here is that they have to be 20ft away. I don't want to have to carry my baby through your cloud of nastyness. I usually say "20 feet" (under my breath of course) as I walk by. I wish I had the guts to yell it in their face, that might be close to being as offensive as thier stench!

fuzzy wuzzy said...

And then there are the people who smoke right in front of the hospital doors, while standing on the very visible "circle around a cigarette and a line through it" sign, not to mention the ones who empty their ashtrays in the parking lots. I loved your rant cause I feel exactly the same.