Wednesday, February 07, 2007

good running tunes?

Anyone have any suggestions for running tunes? I've got a few that are working nicely, but I'd love to know what works for you. I was hurting about 3/4 through my run and really felt like quitting (though I knew I wouldn't). The tunes weren't cutting it until the Killers came on (believe it or not, they were telling me that when I can't go on, I should just hold on). Good beat, gotta love when you have a soul but you're not a soldier.
Anyway(s), any suggestions are welcome.

My sister has been here for this first part of the has been nice. She was here at the beginning of January, but I was pretty sick at that point so I wasn't really able to enjoy her company to the fullest. So, it was nice to have her around again. Too bad she's not here next week when I'm at my conference just around the corner from her hotel...oh well.

Have a good one.


Dee said...

As a real non-runner I don't really have any suggestions...but I wanted to say a big YAY FOR YOU! since I missed commenting on the last post. That's an awesome goal. I think you'll have fun doing it!

lu said...

znsome tunes that get me through - the arcade fire, modest mouse (especially float on), outkast (hey ya! is a must), the black eyed peas, ani difranco (gravel makes my legs move)... i don't have sven (my pod) here to check for other stand-bys but since i am rather excited about this project, i will send you an email (or a cd, depending on posta, the kenyan mail system) with some songs i like.

but i am interested to hear others' running suggestions as my tunes are getting old.

--Nathan-- said...

panic! at the disco "time to dance" is great, really gets me going.

Anonymous said...

Can be annoying (say when the dance class plays it outside your room for an hour everyday) but the "Pepsi Song" is catchy.

Erin said...

Don't know about running, but at the gym I like listening to Christina Aguilera's "Stripped" album, and Gypsy Kings have a pretty good pace as well. Basement Jaxx also good.