Wednesday, February 28, 2007

oilers fans

On the bright side, your team just got infinitely more attractive.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

an open letter to smokers

Dear Smokers,
I'm sure that many of you are very nice people, but I just have to say it: you stink.
You smell bad. There is a stench that follows you everywhere you go. It lingers in the elevator when you get off. We can smell it on your clothes and on your if a cloud of smoke follows you and pollutes everything and everyone in your path.

And guess what? It is not only bothersome to others when you smoke in places with a no-smoking sign, but it is also illegal. As bitchy as it sounds, I don't care if you walk with a cane and have a hard time standing. DO NOT SMOKE in the bus shelter. Just don't do it. Go sit on the dirty, snow covered bench outside the shelter. There is a no-smoking sign in the shelter for a reason. Your habit is gross, smelly and regardless of whether or not you care if it is killing you, I care that it harms me.

Oh yeah...and when the bus comes and you drop your lit cigarette on the ground right in front of me? At least step on it (or even use your cane) to butt it out. The rest of us don't need to stand there wondering why it STILL smells even though you're gone, only to discover that you've left your carcinogenic death stick behind just so that we can get another taste.

Someone who cares about their health.

PS- You stink

PPS-You should quit...all of you. I know it is hard, but you should.

Monday, February 19, 2007


1- Not that I blogged a lot last week, but for the next two weeks I probably won't be blogging a lot. Jordan is writing his comprehensive exams so the computer and the office are his domain whilst he writes. Hopefully I'll be able to check in every so often.

2- Running is hard work. I can't say I'm loving it yet and it is still very hard...but I am enjoying that I feel like I'm improving my fitness level. That may be worth it. What is even more worth it? Extra cookies.

3- The Amazing Race All-Star edition looks like it should be a good one. I'm very happy to see Ozwald and Danny back, but I would have also loved to have seen Jon and Kris (cause they were just so darn nice), and Kelly and Jon (cause they were just so darn funny).

4- It is pretty darn weird to think that at this time last year, I was running around trying to get all of the last minute wedding preparations done.

5- Speaking of last year...I didn't notice it last year because I was in Alberta getting stuff done but this year I sure noticed the lack of Family Day holiday. I could have used a long weekend!

6- It seems to be warming up a bit. We may be out of the coldest part of the winter. Now if the snow would stop falling so that they could stop with all of the salt. The bottoms of my pants just can't take it anymore.

Have a wonderful week and think happy thoughts.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

is it spring yet?

I know that winter arrived late this year, but I'm pretty much done with it already. I'm sick of the cold. I'm sick of the snow. I'm VERY sick of the salt (in fact, I'm thinking of sending my dry cleaning bill to the City of Ottawa). I'm done with winter. I'm done with having to dress in multiple layers, carry hats and scarves and mittens and extra shoes...I don't like that the bottoms of my pants are wet every day, that my socks get wet even when I wear my big boots. Enough already.

I think I'll find a nice cozy spot to hibernate. Can someone come wake me when the snow melts?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

who likes their bedtimes early now?

I couldn't post this last week because it could have just been a fluke and I couldn't post this yesterday because, well, I can't make fun too much on his birthday. I can.
Guess who has been asleep on the couch before I have not one, but two Fridays in a row? Yeah, that's right...he who makes fun of my early bedtimes.
And what time are we talking for these Friday night snoozes? 8:30. (maybe even before)

Next thing you know, he'll be listening to his music quietly.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

happy birthday!


Happy birthday Jordan (or shall I refer to you as Mr. Olderson?). Have a "bag on your head" kind of day.

bag head

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

good running tunes?

Anyone have any suggestions for running tunes? I've got a few that are working nicely, but I'd love to know what works for you. I was hurting about 3/4 through my run and really felt like quitting (though I knew I wouldn't). The tunes weren't cutting it until the Killers came on (believe it or not, they were telling me that when I can't go on, I should just hold on). Good beat, gotta love when you have a soul but you're not a soldier.
Anyway(s), any suggestions are welcome.

My sister has been here for this first part of the has been nice. She was here at the beginning of January, but I was pretty sick at that point so I wasn't really able to enjoy her company to the fullest. So, it was nice to have her around again. Too bad she's not here next week when I'm at my conference just around the corner from her hotel...oh well.

Have a good one.

Monday, February 05, 2007

project 2: the 10K

There are people who are runners and there are people who aren't. There are people who can't imagine running 10K and there are people who can roll out of bed in the morning and without really any training, just go out there and run a 10K race. I am married to one of the latter. Sure, he was sore as heck the next day, but he has been known to do the Mother's Day run (which is a 10K) with little to no training.

I, on the other hand, have never been a runner. I started training for a 5K a few summers back and ended up with a stress fracture in my ankle. Even when I was in probably the best shape I've ever been in (I had 4 hours of dance classes on Tuesdays and on Thursdays, a 3 hour colourguard rehearsal each week and miscellaneous other rehearsals), I wasn't a runner.

Despite that, I've set a goal to run the 10K during the Ottawa Race Weekend. I know it is no marathon, but to me it is a big deal. I've never trained for anything like this before and I've never run that far EVER. (and i got a little defensive when someone called it "the lazy person's race")

I found myself a training plan, I bought myself a good pair of shoes (that my have been one of my problems when i tried last time) and I'm ready to go. I had my first run today...1.5 miles (or 2.4 ish kilometers) and I made it. The last .1 or so was a little rough, but I had my tunes and I was determined to do it.

So, barring any unforeseen circumstances (injury being the most likely), I'll be running my first 10K race on May 26th. The next day, I'll be cheering on Jordan as he runs his first marathon. I guess we'll be buying a lot of pasta in the spring.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

winterlude: a celebration of cold. or: the things i do for my mother

This is the first weekend of Winterlude here in Ottawa. Apparently, it is "North America's greatest winter celebration". So in other words, it is a celebration of cold. Seriously is cold outside. Why on earth do you want to go outside and have a party celebrating the aforementioned cold? Due to the unseasonably warm December, people here were genuinely worried that their precious Winterlude wouldn't happen. They were scared they would lose all sorts of tourist dollars and that -gasp- Winnipeg would lay claim to the world's longest outdoor skating rink.

I'm sorry, but as I was walking along Wellington (the parliament building is on that street) yesterday afternoon, wind blowing and chilling me, all I could think of was that if your idea of a great vacation is Ottawa in the middle of aren't the sharpest knife in the block. Come in May; it is much more enjoyable then.

Anyway, all of this complaining about winter brings me to what we actually did yesterday afternoon: skated on the Rideau Canal. Everyone had skates but me, so as I stood in the rental line realizing that I was going to pay $15 to skate, I was having second thoughts. I even said "if I'm not through the line when you guys are ready, I can always walk while you skate". At that point, Jordan pulled out the line...oh yes, the line... that meant there was no way I wasn't skating: "your mother would be so disappointed if you didn't skate". So, I waited and I skated.
I even have photographic proof:

putting the skates on

haven't hit the ground yet

The ice is full of ruts and holes, I spent the entire time SURE that I was going down at any second and I was cold...but I did it (and it wasn't actually that bad). So my mother better be happy.