Wednesday, January 17, 2007

spare change?

As I was asked for some change yesterday (keeping in mind that the windchill was putting it in the high -20s so the last thing I wanted to do was stop), I had a thought: Do you think men are more likely than women to give change in that particular situation?
My thought is that in the walking along and getting approached for change situation, a man would be more likely to give change because he is more likely to have it in his pocket and thus wouldn't have to go through the ordeal of opening up a purse and finding the wallet etc.
I wonder if this theory is testable....(and does anyone disagree or have a different theory?)


--Nathan-- said...

actually as i was walking home from the train station yesterday i was asked for change... i hardly carry cash let alone change and i know a lot of guys are like that, because we dont carry a purse or even a big wallet that have a change pocket like girls often do... so i hardly even have anything to give... and i have some i normally do give it up, who likes change in their pockets?

liz said...

I COMPLETELY agree with your theory (I thought of this theory myself a few years ago). Many times I want to give change to a person - but I am not going to stop, take out my wallet, sort through my change and pick out the appropriate amount. Especially if I am by myself or it is night time. It dosen't really strike me as safe.

Kirst said...

If I ever have change I normally just throw it in my jacket pocket, but I would still have to take my wallet out to get it. And I don't have a purse so that option is out for me. I know Chris has change in his pants quite often but he might not be the norm. Don't tell him I said that.

micmash57 said...

Interesting thought, and would definitly to be interesting to see this tested.

I keep my change in my wallet which is in my purse so it would be too much work and too much time to give someone to grab the whole thing and run.

Evey said...

Weird my name didn't show up in that last comment. hopefully it does on this one.