Monday, January 15, 2007

finally human again

I can't believe how badly that illness kicked my butt. I didn't feel like I was going to die, but there were moments that I almost wanted was not fun at all. But, I'm now doing much better. I could actually spend an entire day at work (my first since last monday) and I'm feeling pretty good. I still have some sinus congestion and I'm still tired, but things are good.

In other news, we had some serious snow today, and I took a pretty good spill on the ice. There was a large patch of ice hidden under the snow and there was nowhere to step in order to prevent the was tragic really. At first I thought I may have actually hurt myself...but I think besides the potential of being a little stiff tomorrow, I think I managed to escape serious harm.
(for those of you who remember the great fall of last year, it wasn't nearly as spectacular, my toque did NOT fall off and it hurt far more).

Hopefully now that I am feeling better, I can get back to the blogging.


Kirst said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better.
Just as you guys are getting snow ours is starting to melt a little bit. Very slowly.

--Nathan-- said...

people falling is humourous... as long as they dont get seriously hurt... slightly hurt, yaa still funny. and im sorry to say that if you lose an article of clothing (like a touque) whilst falling, well thats pretty darn funny.

Joy & Darrin said...

Glad you are feeling better.

Nothin' like a spill on the ice to make winter even more endearing.

I agree with Nathan. People falling - tres drole!

liz said...

I am also glad you are feeling better! And if you are going to miss a week of work because you are sick - it would have been much better if you had been faking and then secretly gone to Mexico. Oh well - maybe next year!