Saturday, December 09, 2006

"heartwarming stories"

This is the time of year that those heartwarming stories get circulated. Whether it is the one you get by email where someone notices a crying mother at a gas station and finds out she's just trying to get to her parent's house for Christmas and has 3 kids and all of their stuff in the back and so they buy the lady some gas and some food and some gift certificates, or the song about the kid who is trying to buy some shoes for their dying mother, or the one about the cashier that picks up the difference for the baseball glove a kid was trying to buy...

The point isn't whether or not it actually did happen, the point is that those things could happen.
Regardless, instead of warming my heart, they actually make me feel a bit like a bad person. They make me think about all of the nice things I don't do for other people. All of the things I don't think about doing. They make me feel like I'm so wrapped up in my own world and in myself, that I don't take enough time to help others.

Isn't that heartwarming? Not so much. I think I need to work on that.


Heather said...

One person can't create a whole world of miracles. You do things that make differences in people's lives. Whether it's telling me that you're proud of me in a two line e-mail, or sending a friend a card in the mail, or helping at Inn From the Cold on Christmas eve, your actions are appreciated by everyone around you! So don't think you're not as good as some person who buys some dying child's mother shoes.

End of cheesy comment.

Evey said...

My comments keepo dissapearing right after i send them. grrr. Oh well

I second all that Heather said:)

thephoenixnyc said...

I have found that the whole "pay ot forward" thing really works.

Hold a door open for someone and that person WILL hold the door for the next person. Start simple dear.

lu said...

but you HAVE started!! you sent me a card that is currently sitting on my desk that makes me smile every time i look at it (and it's been there over 2 weeks now!)

you've improved a few of my days recently and that is pretty fantastic, if you ask me.