Tuesday, November 07, 2006

some random tuesday musings

-Call me cynical, but I really don't see how the Saddam ruling coming just a few days before the US primaries (and by primaries, i mean mid-terms) is a coincidence. I also don't know how I feel about the verdict. On one hand, I have this feeling that until the man is dead, I will always think that there is a chance he can hurt more people. I also am not sure I believe in capital punishment. I don't know if killing him will make him even more of a legend and maybe even bolster the cause for his supporters. I just don't know. He's not a good guy, that much I do know.

-I owe Ken King an apology for raising my middle finger in his direction here. Apparently it was not his nor the Flames organizations fault. I'm still waiting on the final word as to whether it is Rogers Sportsnet's fault or the NHL's. Regardless, I'm not happy with the fact that even on our Rogers Sportsnet west channel, we don't get the Flames games. I guess next time we should get satellite. (and boy am i glad that i didn't send the flames an email)

-Breaking news: Britney Spears has filed for divorce. I'm shocked and disappointed and frankly a little fearful for my own marriage. I mean, if they can't make it, how are we expected to make it? (i'm sure the dripping sarcasm came across...but just in case: those two statements? more sarcastic than i've ever been in my life)

-We finally bought our bed this weekend. It has been a long time coming and I can't wait to have a bedroom that feels like an actual space as opposed to a bed on the floor and some dressers. Hopefully it will be delivered more promptly than Nathan's couch. We've got the fact that no upolstery is needed working in our favour.

-I've finally found a way to find current haircut pictures on the internet. Googling "medium length hair styles" and things like that often bring things like this up. And regardless of how that style may or may not be nice...I can't deal with those lips. So today I had this brilliant idea of searching "new haircut" in flickr. Real hair cuts, real people...I even got a few ideas. Hoooray!

-I hear tomorrow may be the debut of the new Christmas cup. Does it make me a complete loser that that excites me? It makes me feel like the Christmas season is upon us and just makes me feel more festive. I'll have to keep my eyes open tomorrow. If I see the red cup, I might just have to stop on my way home from work.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that little bit of lite musings.
I too do not feel that the current situation in the Middle East will improve much regardless of Saddam's mortality. It may in fact worsen with the latest news.
Speaking of bad - it was the lips I noticed first too. Not good.
Enjoy your first Christmas cup of the season.

Joy (I couldn't bother signing in)

Kirst said...

I too noticed the lips first. I had my first eggnog latte today. It didn't taste quite right but it was nice non the less. I am jealous that you will have a real bed. We are sleeping on a mattress, a crappy on I might add, on the floor also.
Here's to the Christmas cup.

Heather said...

Christmas cups on THURSDAY. THURSDAY

Kris said...

I'm glad you pointed out your sarcasm, I was worried for a minute (I'm being sarcastic).

I too... was distracted by the lips (and not in a good way).

I heard one global news intro that said, "if Saddam is put to death will that bring peace to Iraq". Honestly, that's one of the dumbest things I've heard on the news?

--Nathan-- said...

i dont know if i should apologize here, or on kirstens page or on heathers, probably all three, but im lazy so i'll just do it hear.
I made a prediction that the flames would lose last night .. i mean dallas is a good team! and the flames won... oh, and my oilers lost.

ps. what is up with that chicks lips?!

kristen said...

PS- like nathan, i made an apostrophe error in my post (ok, i made one, he made a few, but whatever). points for pointing out my error...not nathan's though, he doesn't like it when you point out his errors so DON'T do it...your punishment will be a plastic block to the head.

lookingback at that post, i missed out on some serious proof-reading. there is a sentence that doesn't even make sense...what was i THINKING? i think i was just so distraught about Brit-brit and K-Fed that i couldn't string together proper thoughts...

Heather said...

Woot Woot to the Flames.

PS- Oilers lots. Take that.

PPS- Kirsten that dinner was seriously the best dinner I've had in a long time, and thanks for letting me eat more than should be humanly possible.

kristen said...

ppps- what did she make?

--Nathan-- said...

meh, i dont even try to have proper grammer or spelling or puntuation anymore... you are right though i do think its rude to point out other people's errors publicly... oh and I dont throw hard plastic blocks at people's heads and apologize whist laughing

kristen said...

i was inferring that I would throw the plastic block at anyone that would have the audacity to correct your grammar after i specifically told them not to and after i reminded everyone that you don't like it. ;-)

--Nathan-- said...

ahhh gotcha... and all you better listen... kristen has a pretty good arm.

Kirst said...

I'm glad Nathan apologized. I knew the Flames would win but no he was a doubter.

kristen said...

i will admit that i was a little worried about dallas...i wasn't sure the could increase that winning "streak" to two. tomorrow against anaheim will be pretty tough.