Friday, November 03, 2006

overheard in ottawa

Upon delivery of a two-bite brownie-
Not fat but not skinny person: Thanks, but you should have could gain a few pounds. (lengthy pause)...not like ME.
Really skinny deliverer of the brownie: I already had one thanks...

This got me thinking. If it had been a fat person delivering a treat to a skinny or normal weight person, I highly doubt that they would have said "Good thing you're delivering it to me and not eating it could stand to lose a few pounds." No one would think that was ok.
What right does anyone have just commenting on people's weight? If you are a doctor, you can comment. If you are close to the person and you are genuinely concerned about the health of a loved one, then you can comment. Other than that? I really don't think you have the right.

We are all painfully aware of our body shapes. We all have our "I feel like I look good today" days and our "I really don't want to look in the mirror today" days. We have almost all experienced the self-loathing that comes with being down on how you look and how much you weigh. Why oh why would we want to comment about somebody's weight and contribute to one of those crappy days? Is it to make ourselves feel better? Is it to put ourselves down?

Just something I was thinking about.

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