Wednesday, October 18, 2006

through the window at starbucks

Is it wrong to think "Aarrrrrrrrr" complete with piratey arm swing when I see a guy with an eye patch?

I didn't think it out loud...that has to count for something right?


Kirst said...

Nothing wrong with that. But that's only what I think. And sometimes I find things funny that others think is just wrong to find funny. If that makes any sense.

Devo said...

You are clearly a better person than I am because not only would I think it, as soon as I was out of range of the person I would do it.

--Nathan-- said...

out of range??? no way do it right there... or ask them where their parrot is. When my brother had his eyepatch someone posted a "find your pirate name" simulator on the Montreal Alouette website.