Saturday, October 21, 2006

it has been a long year- part 1

Ok, so I can't seem to finish this post. Probably because I'm not done learning. Anyway, I thought I'd post the first part just so that I can get it over with, keep posting other things, but perhaps continue my series on what I've learned.

October of last year feels like a lifetime ago. But if you think about it, I have experienced some pretty major life events in just one short year.

First was a move away from everything and everyone familiar.
-I have learned a lot from that. I've learned that saying goodbye really sucks. It sucks whether it is a goodbye to friends that you've known for a long time and have seen you with no hair or friends that you've known a short-while but that have been great friday night dates and dictionary readers or friends that you don't see often but that you know love you to bits and will be there for you no matter what...and don't get me started on family.
-Saying goodbye and leaving the people that have made you who you are not only sucks, but it is scary. I am almost glad that my sister couldn't come to the airport...having Kirsten there (and knowing that we were going to miss the birth of her next child) was hard enough. Yup, goodbye sucks. I thought I knew that before then...but I actually learned it last October (and I followed my gut and didn't look back after I went through the door to security).

But after learning that goodbye sucks...I also learned that hey, we CAN make it on our own (or mostly on our own anyway). We can find our way around a new city, we can enjoy eachother's company...we can get through the no cable tv, no coffee table, using kitchen chairs as tables while watching Hockey Night in Canada days and still have some fun.

Second major event and lesson: Unemployment is not only frustrating, but BORING. This is especially true when you only know a few people. on earth did I not go out of my mind last fall? I didn't have a car, I didn't know many people and we had limited money so I couldn't just take advantage of the time off to check out all the sights. I spent my days searching the internet for employment, writing cover letters and watching tv (and not cable tv). I guess I did do a fair bit of walking as well. I didn't even have any interviews to prepare for or to go to until DECEMBER. Honestly...what on earth did I do all day every day?
But, again, somehow I managed and Jordan managed to put up with me until a real live job came along. 'Tis a good job indeed and I suppose it was worth the wait.

What else have I learned?
-When left to my own devices, lack of storage and having to share space, I tend to create clutter.
-The "double flush" should be encouraged.
-The weather in the Ottawa valley sucks
-Heat exhaustion sucks more
-Meeting new people is hard...I can be socially awkward
-I dislike PST
-No matter how hard you try, whilst planning a wedding, you will do or say something that you wish you hadn't (and think to yourself...was that a bridezilla moment?)
-Ontario IS different than Alberta (and not just with the PST)
-I learned the word "soaker"

That's what I have so far...but I know there has been much more.
(and I couldn't post today without giving a shout out to Kirsten. Happy Birthday!)


Kirst said...

Thanks Kristen.

liz said...

Moving across the country is hard, and definetly a learning experience. I sometimes forget that not everyone is from Ontario and that moving there would seem different from normal, rather than a return to normal.

And I hope that after a year, you have grown to love your adopted province (PST and all!)

lu said...

cheers to social awkwardness!!

as i mentioned before, it was so great to see you when i was in ottawa.

this moving thing is tough...

Evey said...

Congrats on suriving your first year in a new place far away from family and friends etc.

K said...

weird...i had forgotten that blogger dates the post for the date you started it rather than the date you posted it...i guess i really WAS the first to wish kirsten a happy birthday (just a few days off...)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Kristen with no hair....I have to say that the fuzzy stage was my favorite. ;o)

You've had a huge year of changes and you seem to be dealing fabulously with everything. We miss you here, but I'm so happy for the life experience you are gaining 'out east'.


Heather said...

I'm glad I couldn't come either... It would have been probably the worst ever... worse than when I left I'm sure (cause of the whole permanance thing).

But really, wasn't it all worth it so that you don't have to say "stepped in a puddle and got my foot wet" anymore??