Tuesday, October 17, 2006

et le but!

A good thing about living in Ottawa is that we get french TSN (aka RDS) as a part of our cable package...the Flames are playing the Habs tonight...hence the title. (and woohoo, finally un but au power play)

Anyway, apparently I don't update enough...which is probably true, but as previously stated, I just don't feel like being in front of the computer lately. So here is an update in random order, semi point form:
-Being in Calgary was great. Very busy trying to see everyone, I was definitely tired most of the time due to the early morning and the time change and the general business, but it was a roaring success. Horray to Heather for her wonderful deals.
-Our pilot and first officer on the way home were Rod and Todd. I was hoping they'd start to sing about Noah and his arky arky...and I wondered if they were brothers.
-Autumn in Ottawa is RAINY! I had forgotten that October meant rain. I have to keep reminding myself that it could be snow.
-I got to see one of my favourite world travellers today It was fun to catch up. I hope that your awkward social function went well and I wish you all the luck with your newest adventure. If you must get mugged, may it be gentle. (that goes for all of you...I wish you all gentle muggings)
-I don't like Halloween. I wish I wasn't being quasi-forced into participating. (anyone have any good ideas for a cheshire cat costume?)
-Apparently bin shoppin' can be a hard concept to grasp (even when paired with bin payed for) ;-)
-The hockey game here in Ottawa was a good time. Quite a large Calgary fan base...complete with cardboard Lanny MacDonald moustaches, Bearcat Murray sweatsuits and green hardhats. We even got a decent Go Flames Go cheer going.
-H-mo hasn't been here in awhile...it feels strange. Maybe I'll go visit the Radisson just for fun.
-Kris- I think you have won an even speacialer place in my dad's heart for referring to him as Dr. M in your Thanksgiving post.

Other than that, after an unfortunate contact lens experience (Linda, you're the best, thanks for helping me out), I've been thinking about what life would be like without corrective lenses. I can't help but feel exceptionally lucky that I was born at this point in time, in this country and into a family that could afford to send me to an optometrist and to correct my vision accordingly. (for those of you who this means anything to, my left eye needs a -7.0 lens and my right eye needs a -6.25 lens) My life would be so different if I couldn't correct my vision. I wouldn't be able to work...I wouldn't be able to read, I wouldn't have been able to finish school...come to think of it, I might even be dead because I would have been hit by something large and fast-moving. I'm sure there are organizations that help with such things as helping people see...my new goal is to find such an organization and help out somehow (be it with donations or with old glasses or with some time and spreading of awareness) (and ps- how many times can i use help in one sentence?)

Anyway, that's my update for today. I'll try to be more frequent with the posting.


Heather said...

Thank you for updating. I haven't been there in a while, true... And next time I don't think I get to see you unless I come to your work for lunch. Maybe I should and I can get one of those good sandwiches since last time the tonsilitis ruined my appetite. Or I could chill with Jordan, or he could come and we could ALL get yummy sandwiches.

Kirst said...

It must be so nice to see your sister so often. I wish I could see my bro's and you that much. I can't believe you don't like halloween. Maybe once you see your niece and nephew in their costumes you might change your mind. Sorry I have no ideas for your cat costume. Do you have to dress up for work or a social engagement?

Kris said...

Uh oh, your dad read my blog? I hope he read the part where I said how much I really do love teachers.

What ever happened to the year in review?

kristen said...

Halloween is ok for kids...it just isn't worth the time and money for people like me.

Kris, the year in review still to come...and i don't actually know if my dad reads your blog.

Kris said...


Evey said...

Chris and I are thinking of being bacon and eggs for a halloween party we are going to.....

East coast is rainy this time of year, it sucks.

lu said...

thank YOU for being a wonderful ottawa host and spending some calgary time with me in the midst of my own social engagements, which in the end weren't so bad.

and if i do get mugged and it is gentle, you will be the first to know! but i promise to do all that i can to not get mugged, gently or not.

Anonymous said...

I often think of how lucky I am to be able to wear contact lenses and glasses and I'm only a -5.25 in both eyes. I'm pretty sure that I would not be able to accomplish much in my day without the aid of glasses/contacts and though I often wish I could just see....I know I'm one of the lucky ones!

Let me know what you find to help out with...all I know of is dropping old glasses off to be 'redistributed' to those who can't afford them, but I too would like to do more.


PS my word verification is 'eiouz' and I just want to dance around singing ei-ei-o!!