Thursday, October 26, 2006

bin readin'

Here are a few stories that have caught my attention as of late:

-'Uncovered meat' = uncovered heads? This isn't the first time this guy has caused outrage.

-Should the mail be censored? How would you feel if you were a gay postal worker delivering that mail? Would it be better if it was in an envelope?

-I clearly need to work at a lotto outlet.

-Don't crush your pills (especially the time release ones) I wonder how common this reminds me of the sex in the city episode where the old lady puts crushed lithium on her ice cream.

-Maybe there is a reason you can't have kids I've always been a little wary of reproductive technology. This adds to my wariness.

Any thoughts? What has caught your eyes lately?

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kris said...

This caught my attention: Quebec hasn't given up.

Those first two stories have raised an interesting point about my inner-workings.

1. That comment was clearly blaming women for being raped and removing any responsibility from the men. I would say that's completely unacceptable and he needs to be removed from a position of leadership.

2. On the other hand, gay postal workers should realize that people promoting that type of literature aren't taken all to seriously in Canada.

I immediately recognized the double standard in my approach to those two topics. I would never expect women to brush off comments about rape yet I did just that with "plague" comments. Since I'm neither a women nor a gay man I should have addressed both situations fairly similarly but I didn't. I guess my sensitivity to violence again homosexuals isn't as alert as it is to violence against women. I have a feeling I'm not alone in reacting in this way.

I say all of this simply to point out that those of us on the outside need take time to consider issues such as these from the perspective of the people involved instead of just brushing them off and saying they're over reacting.

As Usher once said, "these are my confessions."