Monday, October 30, 2006

stupid flames

So we just settled in for a few hours of Calgary hockey on Rogers Sportsnet west and BAM...the service went out. Apparently, the Flames haven't sold enough tickets and have blacked out the game. Now, if I COULD...I would buy tickets to said game and go to see it (well, maybe I would...but I can't so really it doesn't matter). But I am in OTTAWA...the only way I can see the team is on TELEVISION and when you black them out, we can't watch them. According to Rogers (oh yes, I called the cable company), it is a decision made by the Flames organization, not by the cable company (not the government...). So as I raise my middle finger in the general direction of Ken King and his cronies...I urge you to buy some tickets so that I can watch the game on TV.
Seriously...go now, buy a ticket...maybe they will change their minds and start broadcasting it.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

too old for this

I am officially too old to drink too much. I just can't handle the morning after....
It started off rather innocently with inviting a few people over for drinks and dessert. It ended with the room spinning and going to bed thinking that I probably wouldn't want to wake up in the morning. Well I woke up and I guess it could be much worse but I'm definitely too old for this. The most exertion I have been able to handle thus far has been the dishes (note to self and to anyone who wants to know: mango puree is a bitch to clean out of the blender).
I guess the bright side of it all is that we've finally got rid of the two bottles of champagne that have been in the fridge since February.
In other news, we saw The Departed the other day (with some much appreciated two for one movie coupons that of course were only good on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). I've never been one that could handle watching violence so this was a tough one for me (in fact, I don't think I've looked away from the screen more often than I did in that movie) but I still really enjoyed it. I was able to get past the blood and the guns and the beating a broken arm with a work boot. Well acted, great cast and even though I haven't found Leonardo DiCaprio attractive in years, he was lookin' good in this one. All in all, a good film.

Now, back to lying uselessly on the couch...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

bin readin'

Here are a few stories that have caught my attention as of late:

-'Uncovered meat' = uncovered heads? This isn't the first time this guy has caused outrage.

-Should the mail be censored? How would you feel if you were a gay postal worker delivering that mail? Would it be better if it was in an envelope?

-I clearly need to work at a lotto outlet.

-Don't crush your pills (especially the time release ones) I wonder how common this reminds me of the sex in the city episode where the old lady puts crushed lithium on her ice cream.

-Maybe there is a reason you can't have kids I've always been a little wary of reproductive technology. This adds to my wariness.

Any thoughts? What has caught your eyes lately?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

it has been a long year- part 1

Ok, so I can't seem to finish this post. Probably because I'm not done learning. Anyway, I thought I'd post the first part just so that I can get it over with, keep posting other things, but perhaps continue my series on what I've learned.

October of last year feels like a lifetime ago. But if you think about it, I have experienced some pretty major life events in just one short year.

First was a move away from everything and everyone familiar.
-I have learned a lot from that. I've learned that saying goodbye really sucks. It sucks whether it is a goodbye to friends that you've known for a long time and have seen you with no hair or friends that you've known a short-while but that have been great friday night dates and dictionary readers or friends that you don't see often but that you know love you to bits and will be there for you no matter what...and don't get me started on family.
-Saying goodbye and leaving the people that have made you who you are not only sucks, but it is scary. I am almost glad that my sister couldn't come to the airport...having Kirsten there (and knowing that we were going to miss the birth of her next child) was hard enough. Yup, goodbye sucks. I thought I knew that before then...but I actually learned it last October (and I followed my gut and didn't look back after I went through the door to security).

But after learning that goodbye sucks...I also learned that hey, we CAN make it on our own (or mostly on our own anyway). We can find our way around a new city, we can enjoy eachother's company...we can get through the no cable tv, no coffee table, using kitchen chairs as tables while watching Hockey Night in Canada days and still have some fun.

Second major event and lesson: Unemployment is not only frustrating, but BORING. This is especially true when you only know a few people. on earth did I not go out of my mind last fall? I didn't have a car, I didn't know many people and we had limited money so I couldn't just take advantage of the time off to check out all the sights. I spent my days searching the internet for employment, writing cover letters and watching tv (and not cable tv). I guess I did do a fair bit of walking as well. I didn't even have any interviews to prepare for or to go to until DECEMBER. Honestly...what on earth did I do all day every day?
But, again, somehow I managed and Jordan managed to put up with me until a real live job came along. 'Tis a good job indeed and I suppose it was worth the wait.

What else have I learned?
-When left to my own devices, lack of storage and having to share space, I tend to create clutter.
-The "double flush" should be encouraged.
-The weather in the Ottawa valley sucks
-Heat exhaustion sucks more
-Meeting new people is hard...I can be socially awkward
-I dislike PST
-No matter how hard you try, whilst planning a wedding, you will do or say something that you wish you hadn't (and think to yourself...was that a bridezilla moment?)
-Ontario IS different than Alberta (and not just with the PST)
-I learned the word "soaker"

That's what I have so far...but I know there has been much more.
(and I couldn't post today without giving a shout out to Kirsten. Happy Birthday!)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

i'm not usually this cranky

Dear Random Man walking in front of me today,

Whilst umbrellas are indeed a neccessary accessory these days, please watch where you swing it. It is NOT appropriate to swing it everywhich way thus making it difficult for people behind you (such as myself) to walk safely to their destinations. If you were taller, it may have been a little less precarious but as your "umbrella hight" was roughly the height of my midsection, the umbrella flying "akimbo" as it were, was NOT appreciated.

And NO, this is not the same as my tendancy to swing my arms further back than neccessary.

Cranky pants crankerson


Dear Advertising Exec. for Captain Morgan's Rum,

Do you realize how homoerotic your "what happens below deck stays below deck" billboard sounds? I mean if I know anything about pirates, and I think I do, it is that it was bad luck to bring a woman on board and that pirates are men. You do the math.
I most certainly have no problem with a homoerotic advertizing campaign in fact, if done well, one could reach a very important and often ignored demographic. I do however have a problem with the images of dirty pirates that run through my head anytime I see that billboard.

Didn't need to know that all pirates are on the down-low

In other news...I've been thinking a lot about my problem with forgiveness. I don't think I do it well.
I haven't forgiven my grade 8 math teacher for calling me a liar (he did this in 1993) nor have I forgiven my grade 9 french teacher for telling me that he was disappointed in me for choosing a "soft" degree such as psychology over something much better such as science, engineering or math (this happened in 2003 or 2004).
I also find that I don't forgive others for hurting the people that I care about. In fact, I probably hold those things against them more than do the people that were actually hurt. That isn't really a good thing.

And so, my goal for this year is to learn forgiveness. To start, I will forgive umbrella man for his inconsiderate umbrella waving....hey, I feel better already.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

through the window at starbucks

Is it wrong to think "Aarrrrrrrrr" complete with piratey arm swing when I see a guy with an eye patch?

I didn't think it out loud...that has to count for something right?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

et le but!

A good thing about living in Ottawa is that we get french TSN (aka RDS) as a part of our cable package...the Flames are playing the Habs tonight...hence the title. (and woohoo, finally un but au power play)

Anyway, apparently I don't update enough...which is probably true, but as previously stated, I just don't feel like being in front of the computer lately. So here is an update in random order, semi point form:
-Being in Calgary was great. Very busy trying to see everyone, I was definitely tired most of the time due to the early morning and the time change and the general business, but it was a roaring success. Horray to Heather for her wonderful deals.
-Our pilot and first officer on the way home were Rod and Todd. I was hoping they'd start to sing about Noah and his arky arky...and I wondered if they were brothers.
-Autumn in Ottawa is RAINY! I had forgotten that October meant rain. I have to keep reminding myself that it could be snow.
-I got to see one of my favourite world travellers today It was fun to catch up. I hope that your awkward social function went well and I wish you all the luck with your newest adventure. If you must get mugged, may it be gentle. (that goes for all of you...I wish you all gentle muggings)
-I don't like Halloween. I wish I wasn't being quasi-forced into participating. (anyone have any good ideas for a cheshire cat costume?)
-Apparently bin shoppin' can be a hard concept to grasp (even when paired with bin payed for) ;-)
-The hockey game here in Ottawa was a good time. Quite a large Calgary fan base...complete with cardboard Lanny MacDonald moustaches, Bearcat Murray sweatsuits and green hardhats. We even got a decent Go Flames Go cheer going.
-H-mo hasn't been here in feels strange. Maybe I'll go visit the Radisson just for fun.
-Kris- I think you have won an even speacialer place in my dad's heart for referring to him as Dr. M in your Thanksgiving post.

Other than that, after an unfortunate contact lens experience (Linda, you're the best, thanks for helping me out), I've been thinking about what life would be like without corrective lenses. I can't help but feel exceptionally lucky that I was born at this point in time, in this country and into a family that could afford to send me to an optometrist and to correct my vision accordingly. (for those of you who this means anything to, my left eye needs a -7.0 lens and my right eye needs a -6.25 lens) My life would be so different if I couldn't correct my vision. I wouldn't be able to work...I wouldn't be able to read, I wouldn't have been able to finish school...come to think of it, I might even be dead because I would have been hit by something large and fast-moving. I'm sure there are organizations that help with such things as helping people new goal is to find such an organization and help out somehow (be it with donations or with old glasses or with some time and spreading of awareness) (and ps- how many times can i use help in one sentence?)

Anyway, that's my update for today. I'll try to be more frequent with the posting.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

go flames go!

We are off to the hockey game tonight- Calgary vs Ottawa. This is the first Flames game either of us has seen in quite some time so we are definitely excited. I'll be sporting the go flames go t-shirt and Jordan will be sporting his "old-school" jersey (the one that is more orange than red). I'm sure we won't stand out at all.

Number of Flames Jerseys seen on my way home from work today: 3
Number of Senators Jerseys seen on my way home from work today: 0
It must be a sign.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

one year...

Weird. One year ago today, I was on my way to Ottawa (in fact, I believe that at this time, I was saying my goodbyes and doing my best not to cry). This morning, I was on my way to Calgary. It is funny how things work.
It feels kind of surreal to be here, but I'm very excited to see everyone and to have a bit of a break.
Coming soon: a year in review. Whether you enjoy reading it or not, I look forward to reflecting back on everything that has happened this year. It should be an interesting thought process.

Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you're all lucky enough to be spending it with people you love.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


As today is the first Sunday in October, it is the annual CIBC Run for the Cure in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Society. I think this may be the first time that I've had to do it in the rain. I've walked in a wee bit of snow (or was that the Mother's day run?) but never rain. Don't worry though...Walkers for Knockers East represented (and I bet all you walkers for knockers west types will be jealous of our shirts). Despite the cold rainy conditions, we had a good time and definitely enjoyed getting our free boxes of crackers at the end.

Plus, Jordan and I learned a new word. Apparently, when you step in a puddle and get your foot all wet, it is called a "soaker". Two different people used that term today...when we asked about it they were like "well what do you call it out west" our response was "ummm....i stepped in a puddle and my foot got wet?"

October is "think pink" month so there is still time to donate. Just check out the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation website (and thank you to all of you that sponsored me this year).