Sunday, September 24, 2006

alamo-you suck

Earlier this week, we decided that it might be fun to go to Montreal for the day on Saturday (so yesterday). We called a rental car company (Alamo...don't rent from there because they suck), made a reservation to pick a car up on Saturday morning and we even paid for the rental in points.

Saturday morning, it happened to be raining quite hard, so we called a cab (which was a little weird in and of itself because by the responses of the lady on the phone, I wasn't entirely sure the cab would make it to our place...but it did) and it was off to the car rental (Alamo...don't rent from them because they suck).

We walked in and saw two people (obviously together) waiting. We talked to the guy at the counter, he found our reservation and then said "Oh, but we don't have any cars right now...we expect some in the next half hour. Why don't you guys go have a coffee or something, I'll take your phone number and I'll call you when the car comes in." This was at about 9:50am. (kind of reminds me of the "why do i make a reservation" episode of seinfeld)

Off to Starbucks...we leisurely enjoyed our lattes and our muffins and we took advantage of the wireless internet and figured out where we would have lunch once we got to Montreal. We were there for an hour and decided that maybe we should go back and check in with the rental place
(Alamo...they suck, don't rent from them). We walk in and there are quite a few more people waiting than before. We speak to the guy at the counter. He says that there still aren't any cars and that can't we see all of the people waiting? They are in line in front of us but that he would be happy to open our contract to secure a spot in line.

Needless to say, we were very confused as that same man had told us not to wait in line but rather to leave and have coffee just one hour earlier. We definitely weren't impressed. So, we left, called a few other agencies but no one seemed to have any cars. So we spent the day in Ottawa instead.

Good thing Heather had plans for her day in Montreal...otherwise we would have ended up ditching her.

Soooo....what have we learned? Don't rent from Alamo.


Devo said...

Now I'm not quite sure what to make of this blog but I'm pretty sure that you really like and recommend the car rental company alamo.

Kirst said...

Note to self don't go to Alamo.

Hez said...

Yeah my PLANS were quite important, and involved eating grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup while watching Laguna Beach Season Three in the basement. Then we moved basements and watched Napoleon Dynamite, and then played billiards in an uber french billiards hall. (Note billiards instead of pool... and I guess technically it's french billiards, but that's because that's what the sign said.)

Good thing you didn't try to interfere with them.

Fred said...

Now you know why the saying "Remember the Alamo" was so important.

lu said...

poor customer service drives me mad!

thephoenixnyc said...

I am interetsed in knowing which car rental agencies SUCK.

Any advice?