Tuesday, August 01, 2006

just in case anyone is wondering

This humidex business? Not so fun.
Today's "feels like" high hit 48. Not only was that a record, but it probably felt hotter here than most places in the world today.
It is almost 10pm and the weather network says that it still feels like 41.
Oh Calgary, how I miss your lovely weather.
(seriously...this blogging is actually making me sweat)

So as not to be completely lame and just complain about the weather, here's something I found interesting: nutritional education
I hope that type of program catches on!

PS-it's hot. hot. hot. hot. hot. hot. and it isn't too fun


Hez said...

Guess who's coooooommmmmiiiiinnnnngggg in two days???


That's oo. (Said like the maids on Marry Poppins)

K said...

oh, i would have caught that reference no problem...

i'm excited to see you (and for the potential of cheaper coffee drinks?)!!

Dee said...

That program sounds like a really good idea...interesting stuff. I had never thought of that aspect of integration into north american society before.

Evey said...

Dang it is HOT! It was 102 here yesterday but they said it felt like 115. SICK! Again ask myself why I live on the east coast.....

lu said...

i hope you are not melting in that heat, our heat wave here is over and i kinda miss it.

i bet some of the people we saw while working together could have used some of that kind of nutritional education, i wonder where some of them are, especially the kids that wrote me letters to santa, assuming i could make it all happen.

revswife said...

Had heat on in my van today sucka!!!!!!!!

K said...

well, since then it has cooled sufficiently and it is much more comfortable. so there ;-)
(my mum stuck it to me as well...when she called to make sure we'd survived the night she mentioned that she hadn't even needed to put the fan on to sleep...)