Thursday, August 17, 2006

happy birthday yesterday

I meant to post this yesterday...but ran out of time. So, H-mo even though I already know you had fun and all that, I hope you had a great birthday. Enjoy the big 2-2. I miss you lots and wish we could live closer. BUT...I am enjoying our pretty much bi-weekly visits. It isn't the same as living in the same city, but it will do for now.

Somewhat funny/cute story about the day Heather was born. Apparently I was pretty darn excited to be "getting" a brother or sister. My mum and dad left for the hospital sometime in the morning, leaving me in the care of my grandmother. I really didn't want to miss the all important phone call telling me that the baby had finally arrived, so I sat on my little red chair right next to the phone ALLLL day. That is, until the popsicle man came which time I raced there to buy a treat (a purple popsicle with an orange gumball in the middle). Just as I was handing my money over, my granny called me back to the house because my dad was on the phone. The one and only time I left my post (except to go to the bathroom I'm sure...I was 4 afterall), my dad called. But, because he made a promise that he would tell me first, he didn't spill the beans to my grandmother and I was the first to know that I had a little sister.

This is us when she first came home from the hospital (which is another story in and of itself....)
heather home from hospital

And this is us now...I don't think we've changed a bit ;-)

Once again...happy birthday yesterday and I'm excited to see you on Saturday


Hez said...

Awww geee you're sweet. You're the bestest big sister ever!

Dee said...

You two are so beautiful. Happy birthday Hez!!

Dr. Papa said...

I love reading the stories from your points of view. Always enlightening!

Happy Family to you both!