Monday, August 28, 2006

did he or didn't he?

The latest news on the JB Ramsey case is that no, he didn't do it despite his insisting that he did.
So assuming (which seems to be an assumption based on science) that he did NOT do it, my question is this:

What is more screwed up- actually molesting and killing a little girl or wishing you did it?

Now I clearly have no idea if this guy actually wishes he did the molesting or killing...perhaps he wishes for the notoriety, but there is the possibility that he truly wishes he did those things (and who knows, perhaps the DNA is lying and he did do it).

I kind of feel like both of them (because somebody killed her) are equally as messed up.


lu said...

this whole story has just been weird from the beginning. i wonder if when we are old and grey if we will find out who really did it. just like deep throat, which seems a bit boring after all these years of wondering.

kris said...

I think being messed up and having the nerve to follow through with it is more screwed up than being messed up and trying to gain notoriety for something you only wish you did. I.e. if the person who did it only wished he did it instead of actually doing it then this wouldn't be an issue. Make sense? Or was that question purely rhetorical?

K said...

only somewhat rhetorical. just one of those questions that makes you go "hmmmmm".

Evey said...

Sad sad story. No matter which you put it that dude is just creepy. The things he has said in emails and phone conversations. Whether he killed her or not he is still messed up.

Is DNA always right though? What if someone else was with him.