Saturday, August 05, 2006


Best thing about my sister working for an airline? That I get to see her and various family members a little more often than I normally would.

Second best thing about my sister working for an airline? Cupcake delivery.

She came, a half dozen crave cupcakes in hand and there was much rejoicing.
Other highlights of the evening included me freaking out about the big nasty bug on my leg and Jordan demonstrating how had he but known what I was screaming about, he would have rescued me with his umbrella...only to have the umbrella fly off the post and land under a parked car. Thank goodness he didn't actually have to come to my rescue or I may have been taken out by the flying umbrella parts.

Other good uses for an umbrella? Fending off an angry cassuary. At least that's what crazy bearded man did on Killer Instinct.


liz said...

after mocking me for wanting to go get cupcakes, Devin took me on a spontaneous trip to crave - and wow. I have a new appreciation for the art of cupcake making.

Dee said...


Kirst said...

Cupcakes are so yummy especially Crave and homemade ones. Hope you're starting to cool off a bit. Will you be buying an airconditioner? Miss you guys!