Monday, August 28, 2006

did he or didn't he?

The latest news on the JB Ramsey case is that no, he didn't do it despite his insisting that he did.
So assuming (which seems to be an assumption based on science) that he did NOT do it, my question is this:

What is more screwed up- actually molesting and killing a little girl or wishing you did it?

Now I clearly have no idea if this guy actually wishes he did the molesting or killing...perhaps he wishes for the notoriety, but there is the possibility that he truly wishes he did those things (and who knows, perhaps the DNA is lying and he did do it).

I kind of feel like both of them (because somebody killed her) are equally as messed up.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

no more drug deals?

I'm relatively certain that the drug dealers have moved out of the building that our kitchen faces. No more shady characters throwing stones at the window at all hours of the day, the curtain isn't up anymore, I have seen NO blatant exchanges...I think they are gone.

Now, the question is: Did they make so much money from their illicit business that they could move out of the subsidized housing and into another place or did they get caught?
I really have no idea...but dishwashing just got a little less interesting.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

the other story

In my last post, I mentioned that getting H-mo and my mum from the hospital was a story in and of itself. I really only remember snippets...they go a little something like this:

-being in the ole pop-top VWvan
-being in the van, pulled over on the side of Deerfoot trail (for those of you who have not been to Calgary, it is the major "highway" that runs through the city in a north/south fashion)
-seeing smoke
-my dad telling me to get away from the van
-feeling like the ditch next to the road might as well be a mountain and being a little afraid to run down it
-standing next to the van with my dad and two car seats while he tried to hitch a ride (really, who wants to pick up a crazy guy with a moustache, a four year old and two car seats?)
-wanting to put my thumb out too
-the person who stopped had an accent
-their car smelled a little funny too
-taking a cab home from the hospital
-I think it might have been green
-wanting to hold the baby

Some of the blanks have been filled in through people (namely my dad) telling the story over the years...apparently as we were standing there, in obvious need of help, people that he knew drove by. The only person to stop was a recent Polish (?) immigrant who wanted to drive us to the hospital, stay and wait while we got my mum and sister and then drive us home.

I don't think the van was ever the same though...I think it sat on our driveway for awhile until someone (and why do I think it was the mailman?) wanted to buy it and fix it up. Good times.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

happy birthday yesterday

I meant to post this yesterday...but ran out of time. So, H-mo even though I already know you had fun and all that, I hope you had a great birthday. Enjoy the big 2-2. I miss you lots and wish we could live closer. BUT...I am enjoying our pretty much bi-weekly visits. It isn't the same as living in the same city, but it will do for now.

Somewhat funny/cute story about the day Heather was born. Apparently I was pretty darn excited to be "getting" a brother or sister. My mum and dad left for the hospital sometime in the morning, leaving me in the care of my grandmother. I really didn't want to miss the all important phone call telling me that the baby had finally arrived, so I sat on my little red chair right next to the phone ALLLL day. That is, until the popsicle man came which time I raced there to buy a treat (a purple popsicle with an orange gumball in the middle). Just as I was handing my money over, my granny called me back to the house because my dad was on the phone. The one and only time I left my post (except to go to the bathroom I'm sure...I was 4 afterall), my dad called. But, because he made a promise that he would tell me first, he didn't spill the beans to my grandmother and I was the first to know that I had a little sister.

This is us when she first came home from the hospital (which is another story in and of itself....)
heather home from hospital

And this is us now...I don't think we've changed a bit ;-)

Once again...happy birthday yesterday and I'm excited to see you on Saturday

Thursday, August 10, 2006

partially serious

Here's my question: How does one become a restaurant critic?
I think I would like that job.
Food? I love it. I'll try pretty much anything at least twice (cause the first time just may have been a dud)...I have a decent palate...and well, did I mention that I love food?
I think it would be fun. You get to order many dishes at many restaurants and then you get to write about them. Sounds like a perfect job to me.

So I ask my question again....anyone know where I can sign up?

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Best thing about my sister working for an airline? That I get to see her and various family members a little more often than I normally would.

Second best thing about my sister working for an airline? Cupcake delivery.

She came, a half dozen crave cupcakes in hand and there was much rejoicing.
Other highlights of the evening included me freaking out about the big nasty bug on my leg and Jordan demonstrating how had he but known what I was screaming about, he would have rescued me with his umbrella...only to have the umbrella fly off the post and land under a parked car. Thank goodness he didn't actually have to come to my rescue or I may have been taken out by the flying umbrella parts.

Other good uses for an umbrella? Fending off an angry cassuary. At least that's what crazy bearded man did on Killer Instinct.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

just in case anyone is wondering

This humidex business? Not so fun.
Today's "feels like" high hit 48. Not only was that a record, but it probably felt hotter here than most places in the world today.
It is almost 10pm and the weather network says that it still feels like 41.
Oh Calgary, how I miss your lovely weather.
(seriously...this blogging is actually making me sweat)

So as not to be completely lame and just complain about the weather, here's something I found interesting: nutritional education
I hope that type of program catches on!

PS-it's hot. hot. hot. hot. hot. hot. and it isn't too fun