Monday, July 10, 2006

sun: 1 kristen: 0

Well...I have to say that I now understand the power of the sun, the heat and the humidity.
Saturday started off quite nicely. I was playing in the Hope Volleyball tournament with a team from my company and although we didn't win very much (ok, the only game we won was by default because the other team didn't show up...but we came very close on two occasions), we had a lot of fun.
It was HOT...high heat and high humidity...I drank lots of I thought.
As the paramedic so aptly put it "I'm going to guess that you DIDN'T drink enough water".

I ended up in the emergency room, not entirely able to answer the nurse's questions, throwing up more than I had any idea my body could produce and hooked up to IV fluids. For those of you who know my disdain (and that's putting it nicely) for throwing up, you'll be happy to know that I puked my way through the gravol drip and they had to move on to something a little stronger...which really makes me wonder why all that water was still in my stomach and not getting absorbed...that sure would have prevented some problems.

What have I learned?
Ontario is freaking HOT.
Humidity doesn't allow your body to cool itself very efficiently.
Heat exhaustion really sucks.
Drink more water, find more shade.

I'll post pictures later this week (of the volleyball, not the trip to the hospital...Jordan almost took pictures of our first trip to the ER...who'd have thunk it would be for me and not him?).


Dee said...

Omigosh that's terrible!!! I hope that you had lots of fun playing volleyball to make all the puking worth it....I bet you puked more this weekend than you have in 5 years by the sounds of it!! I'm sorry I know how much you hate puking!

I hope you feel better. Heat exhaustion sucks. I had a similar bout with it in Honduras...except there were no drugs for me because I was on an island with no hospital!

Fred said...

Yup - now you know why those of us from Ontario can't believe a) how cool Calgary is, and b) how dry it seems here! It is the humidity that gets ya!

lu said...

i share your hatred/fear of throwing up so i can appreciate how awful that would be. i hope you are back in fighting form and ready to face that awful humidity.

for all those that think canada is just snow and cold! ha, we can suffer heat exhaustion here too.

kris said...

1 day of projectile vomitting, 364 days of feeling good, I guess that's a pretty good trade off. I'm sure it didn't feel like it at the time though.

I hope you're feeling better.

--Nathan-- said...

just a question.. who likes to vomit??.. seriously a show of hands. not i!! im actually on a pretty good streak of not puking, hopefully it will continue.

kris said...

I have to admit, I've been thinking the same thing. I guess there are degrees of not-liking it though. Some people don't like it but still engage in vomit-inducing activities on a more regular basis than people who do everything in their power to avoid it.

I can't remember the last time I puked and I'd like to keep it that way.

K said... have a point, no one LIKES to vomit. but there are pukers and non-pukers...the pukers do it and feel better and move on. the non-pukers still end up with images of them puking floating around in their heads for days...and still feel a little queasy thinking about it....and likely can't eat whatever it was that they last ate before the puke for quite some time because it makes them feel sick...

beef jerky? haven't been able to stand the smell of it since a bout of food poisoning in grade 8

watermelon and grape gatorade? we'll have to see about those.
(especially since the triage nurse actually said "was she eating watermelon today?....yes? oh, that's what I smell")

nathan and kris...may your streak remain intact.

--Nathan-- said...

thanks Kristen, i hope the streak keeps going for quite awhile.

Im like you i cant eat wonderbars since i threw up after having one.. it used to be my faverate chocolate bar.

kris said...

Unfortunately Lynn can't eat homemade pizzas anymore and that used to be my favourite meal to make on Mondays.