Saturday, July 01, 2006

my feet ( may not want to read this)

Summer is supposed to be a time of feet floating freely...without socks, loving the world. Unfortunately, my feet hath rebelled against my stupidity and are looking a little worse for wear.

It all began with the start of flip flop season...I started with the flip flops and my poor feet were not used to where they rubbed so the blisters came. One of them was rather bad...I ended up with a nice scab on my foot for a few days. But I had no idea that the worst was yet to come.

Just as that cleared up...the foot day of death: new sneakers, no socks, lots of walking.
I'm fairly sure that even those of you who are not faint of heart would have found the results rather disgusting. They were so bad that Jordan wanted to take pictures and I was a little concerned about the possibility of resulting infections. I even had trouble walking for a couple of days and though this happened two weeks ago, I'm still not sure my feet could handle regular (as in, with backs) shoes.

So what do I do last weekend? Well, I couldn't wear flip flops (which are safe to wear because the original blisters healed long ago) to the I put on a cute little pair of strappy-esque shoes I wore to my cousin's wedding last year. Guess what? MORE BLISTERS. I am fairly convinced that my feet will bare the scars of May and June 2006 for the rest of my life.

If I didn't live downtown where going barefoot means exposing yourself to countless sharp bacteria/virus weilding objects (especially when you have open wounds such as nasty broken down blisters)...and if it was socially acceptable (we know what people say when britney goes barefoot)....and if my feet weren't so darn sensitive, I might just give up shoes all together. Ok, maybe shoes, well, they're just so darn cute...even if they do cause me great pain.


Kirst said...

Sorry to hear about your feet. I don't get disgusted by much so I would like to see pictures of your gross feet. Of course to see how bad they really are. Did you guys go to any Canada day festivities? We went to the zoo and my kids wore their Canada day t-shirts. Miss you both!

Hez said...


I have foot flip flop blisters too.

But still ew.

Kirst said...

I don't seem to ever get flip flop blisters. Taylor now has her own pair and loves them.