Saturday, May 06, 2006

we're actually going to entertain

We're actually having people come to our apartment tonight. Jordan invited some of this school friends over for some margaritas and snacks (as yesterday was Cinco de Mayo...we figure that you can celebrate that on the 6th can't you?)
Luckily, the place isn't a complete disaster (which it was at this time last weekend) so there really isn't TOO much to do cleaning wise to prepare. But as I run through the grocery list just to make margaritas and a few snacks, I know I won't be entertaining the way I'd like to be able to entertain.
At least we have stuff to make cheap food look nice ;-)
Wish me luck...(and hope that I remember to buy napkins)


Kirst said...

I wish I could be there. Sounds like fun. Happy entertaining!

Dee said...

I hope that you had tons of fun, and that you managed to enjoy your drinks and snacks even though they weren't the ones you would have liked to serve!

Feliz cinco de mayo!

lu said...

i am realising more and more how much i love to entertain as much as it pains me to actually believe that martha stewart might have something to say that i find interesting. so i can appreciate your desire to do it the best that you could. but sometimes the most simple events like snacks and margaritas are the best ones!

hopefully you found some napkins with sombreros on them or the typical sleeping mexican leaning on a cactus with a donkey in the background.

buena suarte!

Joy & Darrin said...

How did your night go? It's fun to entertain especially for friends that you don't have to clean for!
I'd say something Spanish but I don't have any Dora books in front of me to know how to spell it.