Saturday, May 27, 2006

selling out or growing up?

I guess this is what happens when you “come of age” in the media spotlight. These are the latest things said about Avril Lavigne and her new look:(taken from the new york post)

'Looks like original sk8er girl Avril Lavigne has got the Hollywood formula down pat - her appearance at Cannes this weekend staunchly solidified the commitment she made earlier this year to, um, totally sell out.
Yes, angsty Avril, our favorite little punk rebel, now chooses hairspray, peroxide and Hermes over Hot Topic. Gone is her jaded-teen sneer, her icy killer glare, and her heralding screw-it-all call to disgruntled teens around the world. Instead, her bleached-out wavy 'do and boobs-in-the-air-like-she-just-don't-care seem like they were lifted straight out of Pink's "Stupid Girl" video. '


"But this look will last about as long as the new moon," Cheban predicts. "Avril is a tomboy and a punk chick at heart, and there is no way she will keep this up."

I guess my question about the selling out is whether or not she is supposed to dress like a teenager for the rest of her life. Her first album came out in 2002…she was 18 or so. I don’t know about you, but between 18 and 22, I sure changed a lot. If you have been a “tomboy”, often that is the point in life where you think “you know, it would be nice to be pretty every so often” and “there’s really not too much wrong with being girly sometimes”. All of a sudden you actually like skirts and you’ve bought yourself some heels…and then the pink starts to creep into your wardrobe and you never look back.

Perhaps what it comes down to is the line “gone is her jaded-teen sneer”. Could it be that the jaded-teen sneer is gone because she is no longer that “jaded teen” of a few years ago? Could it be that rather than selling out, she's grown up a little and that she's an adult now?

So if she’s and adult now (who has that song running through their head? I know I do.) I guess that also means she will be fighting new battles…like telling her boyfriend to stop embarassing her by spitting on the paparazzi, learning how to smile for the camera instead of giving it the finger and people accusing her of selling out. If only we all had those kind of problems.


kris said...

I was going to ask if you took word verification off but I see you didn't. Are going by Lu now??

I think you're right, it's called growing up. I think the adults who are pointing these things out need to do the same. She lives in a $3mil home in LA, I think the teen angst image would look a little ridiculous.

The people at MM asked the same question about her and their conclusion was that the real rebel spirit is doing what you want regardless of people will say about you. She knows people will say these things about her and she still dresses up like a movie star. So, she is a rebel, even when she wears a push-up :-)

K said...

I have no idea what is going on with the comments. I am trying to decide whether or not to erase them...perhaps I will, I don't know. I'd rather not have my blog be a forum for bashing or saying hurtful things about people...

Dee said...

I would agree that she is just growing up. The stage of life that she has gone through whilst basking in the spotlight was a huge stage of development and growth for me, and I know that the person I presented to the world during that time was different from one year to the next.

I don't think that many people know exatly who they are at 18 years old, and the angsty teenager is often a product of that inner questioning. As she's learned more about herself I'm sure that Avril has gained confidence and if she wants to look pretty one day, why the hell not? Go for it! Push up bra and all!

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kris said...

You know who did sell out? Michelle Branch. I remember her saying she wanted to be known for her music not her skin, next thing I know she's on the cover of one of those Maxim/Maxim clone magazines.

I would say the same goes for Nelly F. I realize she's trying to be "sexy" but she just looks like a poser to me. You're not Gwen S - get over it. I like when artists do their own thing, when they resort to "sex sells" just to save their careers, it just looks sad.

PS - Yes, I'm a teenage girl.