Monday, May 01, 2006


According to Nathan, I'm not a true flames fan if I don't stay up and watch...but I just don't know. I'm usually asleep by then (not just in bed...asleep).

We'll have to see how I feel. I don't have a particularly taxing day tomorrow (unless random things pop up- which they have the tendency to do) but I would guess that an employee who is still on probation shouldn't be found asleep at her desk because she stayed up to watch hockey.

As for the easterner's reactions to flames fandemonium? Mostly they are just surprised when you say you're a flames fan...when you go on to explain that you're from Calgary, the hockey fans start talking about the last playoff run, the others just kind of smile and nod as you go on to talk about the last playoff run.

Have fun watching the game...hopefully I'll see some of it.


Dee said...

May I suggest you have a nap and then get up and watch it??

Evey said...

The BOA is looking more and more likely. I am still up watching the Flames game....probably cause I am too excited to sleep. GO OILERS! It should be a 1-1 game for the Flames/Ducks in the second. But the Ducks got screwed. Whatever....bring on the BOA!