Sunday, May 07, 2006


Some say it is the medium of the egotistical.

When you think about it...maybe they are right. Why would we expect people to take time out of their busy lives to read the mundane little tidbits that we have to offer.

On the other hand...having moved away from almost all of my family and friends, I'm so happy they have blogs. I see more pictures, I hear more stories...I actually AM interested in the mundate little tidbits they have to offer. And I figure that if I'm interested in what they have to say, perhaps they are interested in what I have to say.

Sure, I have to try my best to remember that anyone could read what I write and perhaps to think before I post (though I should really follow that advice in everyday life and think a little harder before I speak sometimes), but all in all, it works for me...most of the time anyway.

I'm not blogging to be cool or to be popular or to see how many readers I can amass (though I will admit to having that thought once). I am blogging to stay in touch. I am blogging because I like to think that maybe I'm still a part of the everyday lives of people even though I'm so far away.

I think it may be unfair to judge blogging and bloggers so theory is: if you aren't interested, don't read it.


fuzzy wuzzy said...

You are definitely part of our everyday lives, and I love your blogs. It lets me know what is going on in YOUR mundane life. (Of course your mundane life always seems so much more exciting than our mundane life.) We miss you both and can't wait to see you in July.

kris said...

Who's been judging??

I've noticed that since I read people's blogs and Lynn doesn't I'm usually the one filling her in on what's going on in the lives of people we don't hang out with enough. In that sense I've seen some value in it in that I do feel like I'm more a part of people's lives than I would be w/o blogs.

Blogging is just one more way of staying in touch with people, however, it seems even more impersonal than emails given that you're really just posting to cyberspace and not asking anyone in particular for a response. It seems to create even less interaction than emails, which seem less personal than handwritten letters, which are less personal than phone calls. I do fear we're getting a little too techy with our personal connections.

liz said...

I like to imagine what it would be like to be in high school right now and blogging. I can just imagine all the politics around who blogged what about who when and whose comment said what etc...

The other thing I like to do is ask people if they read my blog, then proceed to retell the story knowing that they have already read it. Which I am sure is not annoying at all :)

Kirst said...

I love hearing about what is going on your life. I miss being able to talk to you everyday and catching up. I like the fact that you can read about our lives and keep up with your niece and nephew. I too update Chris because he doesn't read them. I might even post too often but who cares. If people don't want to read it they won't. Keep up the blogging. I am always interested in what people have to say.

Kirst said...

I forgot, how did last night go?
My word verification was "yfgijsfe"
How would you say that?

Joy & Darrin said...

Blogging makes our lives a little less mundane even if we just blog about the mundane.
I couldn't handle any more excitement!

lu said...

i see what you are saying about feeling a touch egotistical at times, but let me assure you that i always love when there is a new post on your blog!

maybe reading about the mundane details of someone else's life is somewhat reassuring, interesting, and exciting? blogs are filled with things that you might not otherwise tell people and i find it is usually a positive thing, so keep blogging and i'll keep reading!

Erin said...

Blogging might seem techie and impersonal in a sense, but I think it is even more personal in some ways than letter or email writing. Since I have moved away from Canada emails with friends have become so infrequent (nobody's fault - it's just impossible to keep up with everyday things by writing all the individuals you want to) they end up being a summary of really general things that are happening in one's life. Before Kristen's blog I probably would have said I lost touch with her heaps, but since I've been reading it regularly, it seems like if I bumped into her tomorrow I'd know much more about how she currently is than if we'd been emailing. And the WAY a blog is written says a lot about who a person is.