Tuesday, May 30, 2006

it IS rather hot...

Especially up here on the 3rd floor.
Now that we have a fan (thanks mum!) it should be a little better. But I know we're in for a world of hurt as the summer progresses.
It is very possible that a (hopefully cheap) small air conditioner is in our future...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

selling out or growing up?

I guess this is what happens when you “come of age” in the media spotlight. These are the latest things said about Avril Lavigne and her new look:(taken from the new york post)

'Looks like original sk8er girl Avril Lavigne has got the Hollywood formula down pat - her appearance at Cannes this weekend staunchly solidified the commitment she made earlier this year to, um, totally sell out.
Yes, angsty Avril, our favorite little punk rebel, now chooses hairspray, peroxide and Hermes over Hot Topic. Gone is her jaded-teen sneer, her icy killer glare, and her heralding screw-it-all call to disgruntled teens around the world. Instead, her bleached-out wavy 'do and boobs-in-the-air-like-she-just-don't-care seem like they were lifted straight out of Pink's "Stupid Girl" video. '


"But this look will last about as long as the new moon," Cheban predicts. "Avril is a tomboy and a punk chick at heart, and there is no way she will keep this up."

I guess my question about the selling out is whether or not she is supposed to dress like a teenager for the rest of her life. Her first album came out in 2002…she was 18 or so. I don’t know about you, but between 18 and 22, I sure changed a lot. If you have been a “tomboy”, often that is the point in life where you think “you know, it would be nice to be pretty every so often” and “there’s really not too much wrong with being girly sometimes”. All of a sudden you actually like skirts and you’ve bought yourself some heels…and then the pink starts to creep into your wardrobe and you never look back.

Perhaps what it comes down to is the line “gone is her jaded-teen sneer”. Could it be that the jaded-teen sneer is gone because she is no longer that “jaded teen” of a few years ago? Could it be that rather than selling out, she's grown up a little and that she's an adult now?

So if she’s and adult now (who has that song running through their head? I know I do.) I guess that also means she will be fighting new battles…like telling her boyfriend to stop embarassing her by spitting on the paparazzi, learning how to smile for the camera instead of giving it the finger and people accusing her of selling out. If only we all had those kind of problems.

Friday, May 26, 2006

how 'bout some random things on a friday?

-I sometimes make up stories about the people I see on the bus everyday. Right down to where they work and what they do (this coincides with where they get off the bus and what they look like for example: guy that wears black socks with his sandals? he's definitely an IT guy). It makes the morning ride much more entertaining.

-On Tuesday, I wrote an email to our landlord complaining about the stench of cigarrettes in the building. It was very effective! He came to talk to us, has posted no smoking signs in the common areas in the building and talked to the tenants he thought were causing the problem. Unfortunately, he isn't going to tell people they can't smoke in their units...but, what he did was a start. Plus, it is far less smelly since Tuesday!

-I forgot to send out the birthday card I bought...I guess it will be late. (I do have an excuse...I've had a sinus cold and have been feeling pretty crappy...much better today)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Mine will be full of cleaning, movies and outside (looks like it will finally be a nice weekend weather-wise...we haven't had one of those for awhile)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i've been busy

Well, I've clearly been busy because the blogging has been lacking. But it is true. I've had a busy couple of weeks.

It started with some visitors from home. Our first out of town family to come see us in Ottawa. I have to say, it was wonderful to have my dad and Kevin here...though it was somewhat surreal. Thank you for coming! It was a treat to have you here (in many ways...we are still enjoying the cookies and the snack mix!)

Then for the long weekend, more family. Only this time we travelled to Vermont to see my dad's side of the family. I spent many summers in Vermont and always loved it. I am glad that Jordan took to it as well. It really is like a movie. Everything is so quaint and picturesque...plus, Ben and Jerry live there!

We went to the factory, but didn't take the tour since they don't make ice cream on the weekend. We'll have to go back on a weekday. New flavour: Black and Tan. Very tasty. We hope to return for even longer sometime soon.

So now it's back to work and normal. Though if the rumours are true (and by rumours, I mean that she has mentioned she'd like to on her blog) my sister may be gracing us with a visit sooner rather than later. I sure hope so!!! Jordan has a conference in Toronto coming up...I'll have to rent some girly movies in his absence.

So I will leave you with this link. I'm not sure I understand how the school district is allowed to decide what kids are allowed to do outside of school hours...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

dear calgary,

I officially hate you...
what is with your sunny 28 degrees (at 7pm) while we have rain, rain, cloudy, rain, peek of sun, maybe 17 degrees????!!!!
(insert explatives here)


Bitter in Ottawa

Friday, May 12, 2006


Hooray for visitors from home!
Hopefully I'll have some pictures from our adventures in and around Ottawa.
Until then...have a great weekend.

Monday, May 08, 2006

this is so wrong

I'm not sure that disgusting, heinous or even evil accurately describes what this story describes. I don't even have the words...

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Some say it is the medium of the egotistical.

When you think about it...maybe they are right. Why would we expect people to take time out of their busy lives to read the mundane little tidbits that we have to offer.

On the other hand...having moved away from almost all of my family and friends, I'm so happy they have blogs. I see more pictures, I hear more stories...I actually AM interested in the mundate little tidbits they have to offer. And I figure that if I'm interested in what they have to say, perhaps they are interested in what I have to say.

Sure, I have to try my best to remember that anyone could read what I write and perhaps to think before I post (though I should really follow that advice in everyday life and think a little harder before I speak sometimes), but all in all, it works for me...most of the time anyway.

I'm not blogging to be cool or to be popular or to see how many readers I can amass (though I will admit to having that thought once). I am blogging to stay in touch. I am blogging because I like to think that maybe I'm still a part of the everyday lives of people even though I'm so far away.

I think it may be unfair to judge blogging and bloggers so harshly...my theory is: if you aren't interested, don't read it.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

we're actually going to entertain

We're actually having people come to our apartment tonight. Jordan invited some of this school friends over for some margaritas and snacks (as yesterday was Cinco de Mayo...we figure that you can celebrate that on the 6th can't you?)
Luckily, the place isn't a complete disaster (which it was at this time last weekend) so there really isn't TOO much to do cleaning wise to prepare. But as I run through the grocery list just to make margaritas and a few snacks, I know I won't be entertaining the way I'd like to be able to entertain.
At least we have stuff to make cheap food look nice ;-)
Wish me luck...(and hope that I remember to buy napkins)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

if only...

If only the Flames had actually shown up tonight. They really played horribly...
Of course Anaheim gets credit for playing well. I wonder if Joshua Jackson showed up and gave them a little pep talk on how to win Mighty Ducks style..."flying v" and all.
Siiigh....Flames, you hurt my heart.
But, c'est la vie. Lots of good teams go out early. (still no excuse for not playing with a little passion out there)

Monday, May 01, 2006

is this really a good idea?

Whilst I understand their point, is it really a good idea to protest the immigration laws by playing hooky from work (link here). If you are an illegal immigrant, do you really want to give people a reason to fire you?
Maybe I just don't understand the world of protests...
(speaking of protests, i think i saw the start of a protesty type doing a transpiring on my way home from work today...everyone with their bandana over their mouths, lots of black, lots of piercings...all the elements needed for a good protest)


According to Nathan, I'm not a true flames fan if I don't stay up and watch...but I just don't know. I'm usually asleep by then (not just in bed...asleep).

We'll have to see how I feel. I don't have a particularly taxing day tomorrow (unless random things pop up- which they have the tendency to do) but I would guess that an employee who is still on probation shouldn't be found asleep at her desk because she stayed up to watch hockey.

As for the easterner's reactions to flames fandemonium? Mostly they are just surprised when you say you're a flames fan...when you go on to explain that you're from Calgary, the hockey fans start talking about the last playoff run, the others just kind of smile and nod as you go on to talk about the last playoff run.

Have fun watching the game...hopefully I'll see some of it.