Sunday, April 02, 2006

i was sooooo close (i think)

I am pretty sure that I was just down the hall from Jack Layton today.
There were so many things wrong with today:
-i had to "work"...and by that i mean that i had to attend a workshop for work
-i had to get up to be at said workshop for 8:30 am
-it was daylight it was like being there for 7:30. ON A SUNDAY
-the room was windowless...i was locked in a windowless room on a sunny sunday
-it ran late
But there were a few things right:
-starbucks in the morning
-i'm pretty sure jack layton was just down the hall for part of the morning...
seeing him would have righted all those wrongs...though i would have been really disappointed with the fact that i didn't have my camera.


Hez said...

Someday, you will see him. Someday!

lu said...

my sister saw him while she was on a bus in toronto (he wasn't on the bus, although i can see him doing that) but couldn't get her camera out quickly enough to take a photo!

but if you want a photo of another federal politician in a terrible vest, i think i know where you can find one come the first friday of july!

Fred said...

ask your MP for an invitation to the National Prayer Breakfast (usually in May) and you can meet all the leaders, Senators, Ambassadors, High Commissioners, MP's etc... Oh, by the way - no one prays!

K said...

I just found out that my boss has the "inside track" in Jack...
Photo-op here I come