Tuesday, April 04, 2006

feelin' crappy...

I'm home from work because physically I feel crappy.
It is grey and wintery outisde...more crappiness.
I miss everyone at "home" and I am longing for springtime in the mountains...extra crappiness.

Suggestions for cheering up?


Hez said...

Why don't you sign on to MSN and chat with your sister who is BORED OUT OF HER MIND at work today?

Dragging your sickly self to starbucks and getting a Cinnamon Dolce Latte? Better yet, make Jordan get you one on his way home!

Looking at your purdy wedding pictures?

Make yourself some yummy soup and some kind of baking thing and eating them whilst watching daytime tv?

Having a nap?

Eagerly await a phone call from us tonight?

That's all I've got so far...

lu said...

oh, i hate days like that and they are always worse when you are away from your first home.

my prescription is music. something slow and maybe even a little bit sad with a warm cup of tea.

in the absence of music might i suggest baking or napping, which are both rather comforting.

sorry to feel you are as grey as the weather today, i will send some warmth in your direction.

--Nathan-- said...

i hope you find something to do to cheer you up... but please be doing something innocent when the girls give you guys a call tonight.

Dee said...

I think that you should look up Anna Nalick. I think that you would love her music and there is a good mixture of upbeat and slow stuff to mend your mood.

Evey said...

It is grey and gloomy here as well the last few days.

Hope your feeling better this evening:)